Secure your identity infrastructure

Automate risk detection and remediation for identity-based risks.

What is Azure AD Identity Protection?

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Protection helps keep you informed of suspicious user and sign-in behavior in your environment. Organizations use it to accomplish three key tasks.


Monitor for user and sign-in risk with Azure AD Identity Protection.


Build risk policies that balance security and productivity while reducing response time and lowering help desk costs.


Prioritize high-risk users and sign-ins with a simplified user interface, risk insights, and recommendations.

Azure AD Identity Protection

Intelligently detect and respond to compromised accounts using cloud-based AI and automation capabilities to identify compromised accounts quickly.

Enhance adaptive access policies with risk analysis

Use risk scores to enhance conditional access policies with real-time risk detection. When sign-in or user risk is detected, admins can choose whether user access is blocked, allowed, or allowed with multifactor authentication or a password reset.

Revoke access immediately when conditions change

Continuous access evaluation automatically revokes access in near real time to Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams when critical events or policy violations are detected.

Investigate and remediate risks detections quickly

Compile reports of risky users, sign-ins, and events, and for a simple, end-to-end investigation and remediation experience from a single cloud-based portal.

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