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Microsoft Entra lifecycle management

Automate and simplify the identity and access lifecycle with Microsoft Entra lifecycle workflows.

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Control the identity lifecycle

Automate identity lifecycle management to increase user productivity and organizational security.

Onboard new employees faster

Use customizable workflow templates to enable access right away for new team members so they become productive on day one.

Finalize role changes promptly

Quickly update, add, or remove access to resources when a team member’s role changes.

Offboard with confidence

Ensure security and compliance for the organization, and peace of mind for former team members with timely access deprovisioning.

Reduce the possibility of errors

Automate repetitive, manual identity lifecycle tasks and reduce the risk of errors so the IT team can focus on higher value work.

Learn how lifecycle management software helps HR and IT teams work in sync


Automate and manage the entire digital identity lifecycle process.

Cloud HR systems like workday, Aquera, and SAP SuccessFactors connected to Entra ID Provisioning Service.

Simplify access management with HR-driven provisioning

Automatically provision or deprovision user access on signals from HR systems such as Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Aquera.

Tasks for onboarding a new employee.

Use templates to automate common tasks

Automate the identity and access tasks for user changes, such as the first day for new users, and role, team, or location updates for employees.

A diagram showing SaaS apps such as salesforce and Box that work with Microsoft Entra Provisioning Service.

Provision users and groups to cloud apps

Automatically provision or deprovision users and roles in cloud apps from Microsoft and others, such as Dropbox, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

A diagram showing on-premises Active Directory working with Microsoft Entra Provisioning Service.

Enable inter-directory provisioning

Provision users between on-premises and cloud directories, such as Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID.

A list of access packages for identity governance in Microsoft Entra ID.

Manage access requests

Administer changes to user access. Define how users request resource access and anytime boundaries, and ensure access is removed when no longer needed.

A list of access reviews for identity governance in Microsoft Entra ID.

Build customized workflows to automate user access

Ensure that new employees and employees with new roles can be productive immediately; and access for former employees leaves when they do.

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Identity lifecycle management at scale

Automatically create user identities and roles in the apps users need to access and maintain and remove user identities as status or roles change.

A diagram illustrating how Microsoft Entra ID can automatically create conditional, need-based user identities and roles for cloud-based, on-premises, and virtual machine apps.
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Get started with Microsoft Entra ID

  • Microsoft Entra ID P2

    Get comprehensive identity and access management capabilities including identity protection, privileged identity management, and self-service access management for end users. Azure AD Premium P2 is now Microsoft Entra ID P2.

  • Microsoft Entra ID P1

    Get the fundamentals of identity and access management, including single sign-on, multifactor authentication, passwordless and conditional access, and other features. Azure AD Premium P1 is now Microsoft Entra ID P1.

    The free edition of Microsoft Entra ID is included with a subscription of a commercial online service such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Intune, Power Platform, and others.

Documentation and training

Lifecycle management documentation

See how lifecycle management works in Microsoft Entra ID.

Apps that work with Microsoft Entra ID

Find all apps for which Microsoft Entra ID supports pre-integrated provisioning connectors and learn how to configure them.

Lifecycle and provisioning concepts

Get an overview of lifecycle and provisioning processes.

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