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Protect against identity compromise

Help your workforce stay protected and productive. Use strong authentication and real-time, risk-based adaptive access policies to grant access to resources and data.

Provide efficient, powerful identity security

Help protect and enable your workforce

Safeguard against identity compromise and help ensure only verified users and trustworthy devices can access resources.

Keep apps and data more secure

Improve visibility and control over access and activities across all apps and data.

Deliver a seamless user experience

Give users on any device or network more secure access to resources.

"Maersk strengthens global operations with an integrated security solution that includes identity protection, multifactor authentication, and conditional access features in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)."

Why is securing access important?

Protect access to resources

Help guard against breaches from lost or stolen credentials with password protection and strong authentication.

Enforce granular access control

Improve visibility and control access with adaptive policies based on contextual factors such as user, device, location, and real-time risk information.

Automate risk detection and remediation

Intelligently detect and respond to compromised accounts using cloud-based AI and automation capabilities to prevent compromised accounts quickly.

Secure access for a connected world

Protect identities and secure access to resources

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) provides a complete identity and access management solution with integrated security to help you manage and protect your workforce and data.

Secure access to resources with strong authentication

Enforce granular control with adaptive policies

Automate risk detection and remediation

Identify and monitor security risks

Take a deep dive into Azure AD

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