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Two people wearing virtual reality (VR) headsets experiencing a virtual retail store with virtual displays. One person is interacting with a display with audio headphones and equipment.

Industry solutions

Meeting the security, privacy, and compliance needs of your business.

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Two people at a counter in a factory. One is working on a laptop. One is looking at paperwork. There is a worker wearing a hardhat and an assembly line in the background.


Accelerating innovation to deliver cleaner, safer mobility options and services for your customers.

A teacher and a student in a classroom with a chalkboard in the background.


Empowering every student on the planet to achieve more.

A banker and a customer seated at a desk inside a financial center shaking hands.


Helping financial institutions move to the Microsoft Cloud with confidence by leading the industry in regulatory compliance.

Two people standing and talking on an outdoor walkway. One is holding a laptop.


Enabling digital transformation of government with an integrated, flexible, and trustworthy approach.

Two doctors sitting at a desk looking at images from a medical scan displayed on a monitor.


Helping ensure the compliance, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of your data.

Two workers standing inside an industrial shop looking a tablet device. There is a large piece of manufacturing equipment in the background.


Aiding the creation of sustainable value chains that will feed the world and fuel the future.

Two people sitting on a couch at home watching a tablet device.

Media and entertainment

Allowing you to get AI data, improve accessibility, distribution, and scalability, and protect content.

Two people wearing aprons working behind the counter of a retail coffee shop.


Enabling your people with tools to deliver extraordinary customer service.


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