Two nurses in a hospital having a discussion

Maximise time to care

Partnering with the NHS to shape a healthier future.

Save clinician time

Reducing management and administrative pressures on clinicians and frontline staff, so they can concentrate on delivering care.

Saving time with speech-enabled EPR platforms

Learn how healthcare staff are freeing up time by dictating directly into their electronic patient records (EPRs) using the AI-powered Dragon Medical One solution.

Boosting efficiency and outcomes

Find out how Pangaea Data built an AI-powered platform on Microsoft Azure to discover and connect with patients who have undiagnosed conditions.

New tools free up clinicians’ time

Learn how the NHS is using Azure Cognitive Search to help clinicians find data faster and save time.

Improving surgical risk-assessment

Discover how NHS surgeons are helping patients make better-informed decisions, using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Responsible AI.

Advancing healthcare through AI

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital aims to use AI to drive more value from its data about its operations, patient pathways, medical challenges, treatments, responses and more.

Accelerating efficiency and easing workloads

The NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) processes over 54 million prescriptions each month. Discover how it streamlined this task using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Freeing up time to care

Discover how Microsoft solutions can help improve efficiency and outcomes in healthcare.

Improve clinical and operational insights with data

Health management analysis, assessment tools and solutions.

Improving the patient experience

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust simplifies care for patients and clinicians, enabling virtual consultations on any device via Microsoft Teams.

Empowering staff to transform healthcare

By making data accessible to the staff who need it with Microsoft Power BI, East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) is delivering new levels of high-quality care.

Main entrance of Bridport Community Hospital in Dorset

Responding faster to pandemic challenges

Find out how Dorset’s healthcare services responded effectively to COVID-19 with help from Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI.

Tackle backlogs and waiting lists

Using the power of partnership and digital technology to accelerate care.

Partnering for care

Find out how the landmark deal between NHS England and Microsoft enables healthcare workers to maximise time for care.

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Accelerating healthcare pathways

Watch Jacob West, director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Microsoft, share insights on how technology can help tackle today’s key care challenges.

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Enhance patient experience and access

Discover how “virtual wards” and AI can help improve patient experiences and health outcomes, while controlling costs.

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Support staff effectiveness

Empowering staff and accelerating services with digital technology, including low-code tools.

Enabling digital pathology services

Explore the powerful role that digital technology can play in delivering high-quality pathology services.

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End of Support staff effectiveness

Driving care innovation with remote meetings

NHS Wales accelerates patient care and staff efficiency by using Microsoft Teams to remotely access ultrasound scans, training, clinical governance meetings and more.

Supporting workforce effectiveness

Explore potential ways that AI can support healthcare by finding information, summarising lab results, generating clinical notes and more.

Taking time for self-care with microbreaks

NHS staff can nurture their wellbeing by taking active microbreaks with the Breakthru app for Microsoft Teams.

Accelerating service delivery

Find out how Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust switched to virtual service delivery using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Surface devices.

“I wish there was an app for that”

Discover how the front line are using Microsoft Power Apps to improve NHS efficiency and patient care.

Transforming patient care

Royal Brompton Hospital creates an app that transforms patient care in its Intensive Care Unit.

Speeding up communication

The data team at Royal Brompton Hospital create an app that speeds up their communication with clinicians.

Making training more accessible

The Radiology and Cardiology teams at the Royal Brompton Hospital benefit from a new, unified app platform for booking training courses.

Streamlining the pharmacy process

The documentation process for out-of-hours pharmacists is automated with a streamlined app at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

Delivering social value

Enriching the healthcare sector and society at large across a range of personal, social, economic and environmental measures.

Advancing diversity and inclusion in healthcare

Empowering workers with accessible-by-design technologies.

Helping UK public sector teams upskill

Learn how to make workflows more efficient and improve services in the era of AI.

Advancing sustainability

Learn about Microsoft’s sustainability commitments and operations.