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Microsoft 365
A Microsoft employee in a wheelchair looking up and smiling.

The differences within an organization help make it strong

For organizations to realize the full promise of digital transformation, technology must empower all people, including people with disabilities. There are no limits to what people can achieve when everyone has the tools they need to be productive, and technology reflects the diversity of all who use it.

Organizations that employ and support people with disabilities experience:


Higher employee retention rates*


Increase in employee productivity*


Increase in profitability*

We must build inclusive organizations and teams

Learn more about our approach to accessibility and explore Microsoft products and features designed to empower everyone.

Microsoft 365 is an inclusive workplace solution

Meet the needs of employees with disabilities and empower everyone with the tools they need to be productive. Check out some of the ways accessibility is embedded into our products and services to support a workplace culture where everyone can participate—from managers to firstline and information workers.

A Teams video call utilizing the live captions function.


Ensure everyone can participate in meetings, whether they’re in the conference room or calling in. Make your Microsoft Teams meetings more inclusive for people who are deaf or hard of hearing with live captions and transcripts.

A chat message being read through Immersive Reader.


Hear documents, posts and even chat messages read aloud with Immersive Reader, and see the text highlighted simultaneously. Plus, easily change font and page color to make the text easier to read.

A PowerPoint presentation running the Accessibility Checker.


Create a workplace where everyone can be productive. Use the Accessibility Checker in apps like PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook to ensure content is easy for people with disabilities to read and edit.

A Teams window showing wellbeing and productivity insights.

Mental health

Help employees adapt to the new realities of remote and hybrid work, recharge, and build stronger team connections with wellbeing and productivity insights in Microsoft Teams.

A Teams video call that where participants are using the Raise Hand function.


Use flexible controls like raise hand, background noise suppression, and focus mode to help everyone create the work environment that works for them.

A Microsoft Word document using Dictate to allow the user to write.


Use your voice to engage with your devices and stay productive. Schedule meetings with Cortana, our voice-activated assistant, and write documents and emails with Dictate.



Get information about building inclusive workplaces.


Access support and training materials.

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