Devices for education

Education devices at affordable prices

Windows 11 devices work with or without an internet connection, protect against online threats, and have inclusive, built-in solutions that help each student achieve their potential.

Lenovo 100w 

Big on power, portability and potential, but light on the pocketbook, making it a win-win for any classroom.

Dell Latitude 3120 2-in-1 

An 11.6-inch convertible laptop with 360 degree-hinge that can fold into tablet, tent, media and notebook mode.

HP ProBook Fortis 14 G9

A bright, 14” diagonal anti-glare display gives students a high-quality screen for more productivity.

Which Windows is right for your school?

Learn the differences between Windows 11 SE and Windows 11, to find the best learning environment for your students.

Secure experiences for students and educators

Keep students safe and data secure with classroom controls and comprehensive security whether students are at school, at home, or on the go.

Inclusive learning environments

Deliver personalized instruction with built-in accessibility tools that give students of all abilities independence and the opportunity to learn. Discover how to empower every student—regardless of their learning preferences—with a robust set of built-in features that work across remote, hybrid, and in-person classrooms.

Shop for yourself

Students and teachers can shop at the Microsoft Store and get 10% off on select devices, including Surface with Windows 11 SE and Microsoft 365 Education.

Licensing Support

Providing a simple way to access the classroom technology tools you need and support digital equity in schools. Special pricing available when you purchase more than 1,000 devices.

Setup and management

Set up and deploy any Microsoft Education
technology quickly in a classroom,
school, or entire district.

Help and support

Find education specific help and support for teachers and students. Search for articles about how to use products for teaching and learning.

Technical support

Connect to free online technical support resources for all Microsoft products, including Office, Windows, and Intune.


Resources to help with setup and deployment of your Microsoft devices and software in your classroom, school, or district.

Frequently asked questions

We reimagined Windows for a new era of digital learning and digital equity, helping educators unlock the full potential of every student, giving them powerful tools to learn, collaborate, and create in a secure and trusted environment.

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More about Windows 11 specifications

    Microsoft offers many device program solutions designed to fit diverse needs:

    • Loaner laptops

    • Early graduation gifts (Higher Education): Schools will allow a student to use the laptop while enrolled, giving the ownership to the student upon graduation. If the student leaves the school, the laptop must be returned.

    • Payment plans: (for Higher Education) Some schools set up payment plans allowing students to gradually pay off the price of the laptop. When the student graduates, the laptop will belong to him or her.

    • Institution or District or Ministries of Education portals: Some schools create their own tech shops, offering preferred devices, at the right price.

      There’s a Windows device suited to every instructor and student, addressing a variety of subjects, accessibility needs, computer power, and teaching and learning styles. Intuitive, interactive Windows devices with Microsoft Edge empower communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking to prepare for future careers.

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