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Animated sequence showing the Grid, Board, and Timeline views

Everyone manages projects regardless of expertise. Project gives you the power and simplicity to take on any project successfully.

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Project management so simple, you’ll feel like a genius

Get started on projects quickly and guide them easily with the brilliantly simple new Project. Its inventive and intuitive design will help make anyone managing work feel inspired.

As flexible as you are

Chances are you’re bending over backwards to get your projects done on time. With Project, you get the flexibility to choose from boards, lists in a grid view, and visual timelines.

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Collaborate like a friend, manage like a boss

Empower team members to work together on projects while you stay in control.

Fear no deadline

Stay on schedule with a powerful app that lets you assign tasks to team members easily, add scheduling when you need it, and track task due dates and timelines.

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Project planning in the cloud

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