The Last Exorcism: Part II
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In 2010 The Last Exorcism shocked audiences with its extremely graphic and truly terrifying depiction of demonic possession. Its nightmarishly real scenes of pure horror made it an instant classic that has yet to be surpassed, that is until now. The Last Exorcism 2 takes all the tormenting elements of the first and heightens the terror to a new level of disturbing intensity that you will never forget. Following on from the last film Nell Sweetzer awakens to find herself in hospital having been in a catatonic state. Desperate to put the past behind her and start a new life she moves into a home for girls. But her idyllic new world is about to be torn apart. Constantly plagued by dark visions it’s soon apparent that the evil supernatural being that once held her soul captive is back. The demonic force known as Abalam has returned to fulfil a blood drenched prophecy of death and destruction. Nell’s only hope is a secret society of exorcists known as The Order Of The Right Hand. But are their powers strong enough to defeat dark forces of hell?

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Ed Gass-Donnelly



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Irish Film Classification Office



1 h 28 min




Damien Chazelle
Ed Gass-Donnelly
Huck Botko


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