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Microsoft Skills for Jobs

New skills, a boost for your career and a gateway to becoming a technology professional. Skills for Jobs program offers learning paths to everyone who is interested in developing their skills – students, career changers, technology professionals, and employers.

The man has his eyes closed and is thinking.  The title of the picture reads Practical AI.  |  Make AI your new superpower.

Practical AI course

Learn how to use generative AI in a safe and ethical way in your work and free time. Turn AI into your superpower!.

A girl with pink hair is using headphones while she is studying and writing on her Notebook with a blue and white pen.  |  Cyber security micro-degree 12 ECTS

Cybersecurity micro degree

Explore the basics of cybersecurity and if you are interested, delve deeper to become a cybersecurity architect.

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Power Platform micro degree

Learn how to build applications without code. Leave routine tasks to the applications so you can focus on more meaningful work.

Coming in spring 2024

AI Empowered Cloud Developer micro degree

Master the most advanced AI technologies and make AI your partner in application development.

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Sanna-Maija Pacius-Career Story

Sanna-Maija was interested in technology already as a child. At Microsoft, technology became her profession.

Anssi Yli-Leppälä

Anssi, a former pharmacist, joined the technology sector and is now a trained cyber expert.

where Markus tells

Markus made his dream come true by reskilling.

A hands-on AI video

In the Practical AI course, anyone can learn the essentials of AI.

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Didn’t find what you were looking for?

You don’t need any previous technology skills to start the study paths that open doors to new job opportunities. We have compiled all the Skills for Jobs courses and micro-degrees, Microsoft’s global and free training opportunities and the technology trainings organized by Microsoft’s training partners in Finland on one page.

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LinkedInin logo

Do you already exist?

77 vacancies on average appear on LinkedIn each second. So, create your profile and put your virtual job-hunting assistant to work!

Your skills are in demand. Add the technology skills you have learned in the Skills for Jobs program to your profile.

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