How identity-driven security addresses your security challenges

Protect at the front door

Safeguard your resources up front using advanced risk-based conditional access.

Protect your data anywhere

Help protect your data with deeper visibility into user activity and stronger controls.

Detect attacks and remediate

Uncover suspicious activity using behavioural analytics technologies and take immediate action.


  • Protect your organisation at the front door with secure single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and risk-based conditional access
  • Provide one common identity for accessing thousands of apps, and manage privileged identities and identity protection
  • Gain deeper visibility for your cloud apps and start controlling data with granular policies
  • Enable secure internal and external file sharing that lets you classify and label files at creation, track their usage and protect them wherever they go
  • Help prevent data loss in iOS and Android devices with an unparalleled ability to manage Microsoft Office mobile apps
  • Identify advanced persistent threats by using behavioural analytics to detect suspicious user or entity behaviour, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Draw from vast Microsoft threat intelligence and security research data to detect anomalies and prevent threats right away
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