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    Stop problems before they’re problems

    Integrated debugging is a core part of every Visual Studio product. You can step through your code and look at the values stored in variables, set watches on variables to see when values change, examine the execution path of your code, and just about anything else you need to check out under the hood.

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    Azure deployment

    Deploying to the cloud gets even easier. We supply all the templates you’ll need for common app types and local emulators. You can stay in Visual Studio to provision dependencies, like Azure SQL databases and Azure Storage accounts. And diagnose issues quickly with the remote debugger attached to your app.

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    Instant impact with testing

    Analyze how much code you’re testing and see immediate results in a test suite that’s been optimized for efficiency. Know the impact of every change you make with advanced features that test code as you type. With WSL integration, you can test on both Windows and Linux to make sure your app runs everywhere.

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    Integrated version control

    Visual Studio has built-in support for Git version control to clone, create, and open your own repositories. The Git tool window lets you commit and push changes to code, manage branches, and resolve merge conflicts. If you have a GitHub account, you can manage those repos directly within Visual Studio.