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Microsoft Viva Pulse

Empower managers and project leads to quickly capture feedback and easily view the results.
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Easily capture feedback and take action

  • Select research-backed questions from the question library to help drive team success.
    Pulse: Customize, add recipients, preview, and select questions for wellbeing assessment
  • Use prebuilt templated surveys for key topics, designed by experts in people science.
    Pulse management. Create pulse, select template, customize, add recipients. Survey templates for managers and leaders
  • Tailor surveys by editing and adding to preconfigured sets of questions.
    Pulse creation: Choose template, customize, add recipient, name, and questions for insight.
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Understand your team’s needs

Send a survey to your team in minutes.

Help managers seek and act on team feedback

Viva Pulse
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Viva plans and pricing

Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback

(Annual commitment)
GST extra as applicable
  • Brief team surveys for managers and leads1
  • Data-driven insights for managers and leaders
  • Feedback surveys with actionable recommendations

Microsoft Viva Suite

(Annual commitment)
GST extra as applicable

Everything in Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback, plus:

  • Unique, company-branded employee apps2
  • Premium community, knowledge, and leadership experiences
  • Centralized campaign management for communications1
  • Strategic prioritization and goal alignment
  • Recommendations and academies for targeted upskilling1
  • AI-generated insights and prompts with Copilot in Viva (coming soon)

Implementation and support

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Get started using Viva Pulse in your organization.

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Start your Viva Pulse adoption journey today.

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Find Viva Pulse help and learning content for employees.


Frequently asked questions

  • Viva Glint and Viva Pulse complement each other. Viva Glint is a robust survey solution driven by leadership for organization-wide objectives, such as cultural change or strategic direction. Viva Pulse, a survey solution for managers and project leads, gathers quick feedback from their teams to understand experiences and recommendations. Data remains confidential to managers and project leads.
  • Viva Pulse is available only with a Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Feedback or Microsoft Viva suite subscription. A Microsoft Teams license is required to use Viva Pulse in Teams.
  • Viva Pulse supports 40 language translations for standard content and is available in most major languages used in Microsoft 365.
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Get in touch with Sales

Connect with an expert to learn what Viva can do for your organization.
[1] Microsoft Teams-integrated features require a Teams license to enable but can be used without Teams via web or other in-app experiences.
[2] Microsoft Teams license required.

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