Forget passwords, go passwordless

End users no longer need to create, store or remember passwords. Sign in with one look or tap.

Why passwordless?

Bring your organization into the future with passwordless authentication. New standards like Web Authentication API (WebAuthN) and Fast Identity Online (FIDO2) are enabling passwordless authentication across platforms.

Features like multifactor authentication can help secure your organization, but users often get frustrated with the additional security layer on top of having to remember their passwords. Passwordless authentication methods are more convenient because there’s no password to remember, and they’re compatible across most devices and systems. Plus, they’re virtually impervious to phishing.

Get to applications and services faster

 End users no longer need to create, manage or remember passwords. Sign in with one look or tap to get access to apps.

Achieve a higher level of security

Use industry-recognized security standards that work across a broad set of devices and services.

Reduce IT support costs

Password reset support tickets are a high cost for many companies and cause a loss in productivity.


Now with Windows Hello, security is baked into our ecosystem, and we have better access to information with greater barriers to bad actors. It’s a win-win for our security team, our employees, and the company.

-Abid Adam, Group Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Axiata Group

Announcing general availability of Passwordless Authentication features in Azure Active Directory.

Passwordless authentication in Azure AD

Azure AD provides ways to natively authenticate your users, using passwordless methods that simplify the sign-in experience and reduce risk of attack.

Choose the right passwordless technology for your users

Each organization has different needs when it comes to authenticators. Microsoft offers multiple passwordless methods that work seamlessly with Azure AD.

Windows Hello for Business

For Windows devices.

Sign in up to three times faster with biometric authentication, stored locally to protect against attacks.

Microsoft Authenticator app

For mobile devices.

Get a push notification and verify identity with a biometric or PIN.

FIDO2 security keys

For access to public or shared devices.
Replace passwords with a security key using multifactor authentication.

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