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Microsoft Surface Warranty & Protection Plans

A range of Microsoft Protection Plans enable your organisation to hit the ground running when you deploy Surface and help you to stay productive when issues arise.

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Protect your investment in Surface

Every Surface comes with a warranty. To maximise your Surface investment, extend your warranty protection; and avoid unplanned expenses.

Warranty Information

For your peace of mind, every Surface comes with a minimum of 1-year Microsoft Hardware Limited Warranty.1 Your warranty coverage includes mechanical breakdown,2 technical support6 (90 days of software and one year of hardware support), and prepaid return shipment. Your Surface protection starts on the day of purchase. To maximise the life of your Surface investment, you can extend and expand coverage by choosing a plan that fits your needs and your expected lifecycle on your device.

Microsoft Protection Plans go beyond your Surface hardware warranty

Maximise the lifecycle of your Surface devices with extended coverage and services. Get support that empowers your organisation to hit the ground running when you deploy Surface devices. Save money and resources while minimising disruptions to productivity.

    • Our warranty and protection plans include coverage for Mechanical breakdown,2 protecting your devices against unintended mechanical failure.

    • Your devices are also covered in case of Accidental Damage2 from handling (damage caused by accidents, cracked screens or power surges) by Microsoft protection plans.
    • Solid State Drive (SSD) Retention5 means you can retain the SSD from your device during a service event, empowering you with more control over your privacy, data and security.

    • By retaining your original drive, you reduce public exposure of business information during repair. If a Surface removable SSD is tampered with, the device will shut off power through cloud security.

Compare and choose the best Microsoft Protection Plan and coverage

When you buy a Surface device, you have the option to purchase a Microsoft Protection Plan that is right for your business and extends your warranty coverage further.

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Find out more about Surface

Choose the right Surface devices and protection plans for your business, or find out more about the difference Surface can make for your employees and your organisation.

Support for Surface commercial devices

Whether you are a small business, a large enterprise or an educational institution, we have convenient support solutions to help you manage your Surface device support requests, both individually and in bulk. We have a variety of tools and resources available to you for a great experience with your Surface devices.

  • Online solutions

    Check out top support solutions, trainings and community blogs for Surface devices in the enterprise.

    Run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business which enables IT administrators to quickly investigate, troubleshoot and resolve issues on firmware, hardware or software with Surface devices.

  • Automated tools

    Microsoft 365 Hardware Support Portal, located within the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre, provides a self-serve, centralised solution to create service requests, track the status of device repairs, view Warranty and Protection Plans where Surface is supported for your Surface devices and accessories.  Surface devices and accessories are manually added with any Microsoft 365 Business subscription.

    Surface Management Portal provides a self-serve, centralised solution to manage, monitor and provide insights on your Surface devices and accessories in Microsoft Endpoint Manager where Surface is supported. Devices are automatically enrolled and accessories can be added with any Microsoft 365 Business subscription and an E3 or E5 licence.

  • Assisted support

    For in-person support, check out what options are available in your country.

    For email or phone support, submit a ticket through the Microsoft Services Hub to be contacted by our Support team through your preferred contact method.

  • Tailor your support

    Microsoft Unified purchased support offering provides a designated team with 24/7 unparalleled technical support proactively and reactively for your business. Unified Enterprise support delivers Escalation Management, a Customer Success Account Manager, Advisory Phone Support, Technical Training and more.

  • Disclaimers
  • [1] Without prejudice to any legal (statutory) rights to which you may be entitled under your local law, Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty covers your device for one year from the date of original purchase from Microsoft or an authorised reseller. Restrictions apply. Please refer to Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty & Agreement.
  • [2] Additional extended coverage for mechanical breakdown and accidental damage protection is available through the purchase of Microsoft protection plans. If the plan provides additional Mechanical Breakdown coverage, that coverage begins upon expiration of the manufacturer’s original warranty and continues for the remainder of the term shown on the Holder’s Proof of Purchase. Accidental damage protection begins immediately upon purchase. Restrictions apply, for all Protection Plans, please reference the terms and conditions for the limit of liability and the applicable exclusions of the Protection Plan.
  • [3] With Advanced Exchange Service (AES) Microsoft will ship a replacement device to you in advance of receipt of an eligible and covered device when you submit a service request for an eligible Microsoft Surface for Business device.  Advanced Exchange Service is available at no additional charge with the Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty for the following business devices: Surface Laptop 2, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Go 2, Surface Go 3, Surface Book 3, Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop Studio or when purchased with a commercial Microsoft Protection Plan. 

    Advanced Exchange is not available in the Microsoft Limited Hardware Warranty, the Microsoft Extended Hardware Service or the Microsoft Complete for Business Plans for Surface Laptop Studio 2, Surface Laptop Go 3 or Surface Go 4.

    Advanced Exchange is only available in supported markets. Restrictions apply. See Surface for Business warranty page for AES terms and conditions and list of supported markets.
  • [4] Next Business Day Replacement claims authorisation must be fulfilled prior to the applicable cut-off period to benefit from this service. In addition, the Next Day Business Replacement service is only valid from Monday to Friday, excluding standard public holidays.
  • [5] Solid State Drive (SSD) Retention permits customers the option to retain their removable SSD during service events at no additional charge. SSD Retention is only available on Microsoft Surface devices in which the SSD is marketed as removable per the technical specifications on the product’s description page. Microsoft recommends that only technically inclined individuals with the knowledge, experience, and required tools perform the SSD removal following Microsoft’s instructions. Opening and/or repairing your device can present electric shock, device damage, fire and personal injury risks, and other hazards. Use caution if undertaking do-it-yourself repairs. Further, any resulting damage to the device or component will not be covered under the Microsoft Limited Hardware warranty or Protection Plans.
  • [6] With your purchase of a Surface device or any of the Microsoft protection plans, you also receive support at no additional cost during local business hours.
  • [7] Repairing your device with a replacement component does not impact Microsoft’s Limited Warranty, however any damage to the device resulting from a repair performed by someone other than Microsoft or an Authorised Service Provider will not be covered under Microsoft’s warranty or protection plan.
  • [8] Components are replaceable on site by a skilled technician using Microsoft tools and following a Microsoft Service Guide. Opening or repairing your device can present various risks, such as electric shock, device damage, fire and personal injury risks, and other hazards. Use caution if undertaking do-it-yourself repairs. Furthermore, any resulting damage caused will not be covered under Microsoft’s Limited Hardware Warranty or a protection plan. See Microsoft Service Guides at
  • [9] For more information, see
  • Footnotes
  • Microsoft Protection Plans must be purchased for the device within 45 days of the original device purchase.

    For all Protection Plans, please reference the T&Cs for the limit of liability and the applicable exclusions of the Protection Plan.

    Microsoft Extended Hardware Service and Microsoft Extended Hardware Service Plus – are classified as a service contract per local regulations.

    Microsoft Complete for Business and Microsoft Complete for Business Plus – are classified as insurance product per local regulations.

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