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Cyber Influence Operations

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Emerging threats

2023 Threat Intelligence Year in Review: Key Insights and Developments

It has been an incredible year for Microsoft Threat Intelligence. The sheer volume of threats and attacks revealed through the more than 65 trillion signals we monitor daily has given us many inflection points, especially as we notice a shift in how threat actors are scaling and leveraging nation state support. The last year has […]
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Intelligence reports

Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas

Discover details of Iran’s cyber-enabled influence operations supporting Hamas in Israel. Learn how operations have progressed through different phases of the war, and examine the four key influence tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) Iran favors most.
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Intelligence reports

Russian threat actors dig in, prepare to seize on war fatigue

Russian cyber and influence operations persist as the war in Ukraine continues. Microsoft Threat Intelligence details the latest cyber threat and influence activities over the last six months.
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Intelligence reports

Digital threats from East Asia increase in breadth and effectiveness

Dive in and explore emerging trends in East Asia’s evolving threat landscape, where China conducts both widespread cyber and influence operations (IO), while North Korean cyber threat actors demonstrate growing sophistication.
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Emerging threats

7 emerging hybrid warfare trends from Russia’s cyber war

What can be expected from the second year of Russia’s hybrid war in Ukraine.
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Intelligence reports

Iran turning to cyber-enabled influence operations for greater effect

Discover how Iranian state actors are using cyber-enabled influence operations to fuel geopolitical change. Read more about their tactics here.
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Intelligence reports

The cyber and influence operations of the war in Ukraine’s digital battlefield

Microsoft threat intelligence examines a year of cyber and influence operations in Ukraine, uncovers new trends in cyber threats, and what to expect as the war enters its second year.
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Emerging threats

Iran responsible for Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Microsoft is attributing a recent influence operation targeting French magazine Charlie Hebdo to an Iranian nation-state actor.
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Intelligence reports

Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022

In the 2022 edition of the Microsoft Digital Defense Report, Microsoft security experts illuminate today’s threat landscape, providing insights on emerging trends as well as historically persistent threats in the 2022 Microsoft Digital Defense Report.
Emerging threats

Propaganda in the digital age: How cyber influence operations erode trust

Cyber influence operations are a prevalent tactic being used in the world of cybercrime to erode trust in the digital age.
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