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Navigating your way to the cloud

Region and country-specific information for legal and compliance professionals.

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Helping enable cloud computing for companies everywhere

With companies around the world shifting from on-premises IT infrastructure to cloud computing, legal and compliance professionals face new questions from their organizations about which industries are moving to the cloud, the compliance requirements and security standards that apply, and what to expect from a cloud services contract.

Microsoft has developed a wealth of resources to help answer your questions. Whether it’s privacy law requirements that apply across all industries, or sector-specific outsourcing guidelines in financial services, the Navigating your way to the cloud interactive guides, documents, and resources found here provide key information organized by industry, region, and country.

Our goal is to help demystify cloud technology and provide a framework for understanding the legal and regulatory landscape and how it may be evolving. We hope you find the information useful as you navigate your organization’s journey to the cloud.

Regional compliance


Find answers to common questions customers in Asia have about adopting the cloud.


Understand more about the legal and regulatory landscape in Europe.

Middle East and Africa

Find answers to common questions customers in the Middle East and Africa region have about adopting the cloud.

Country-specific compliance documentation

Australia | Canada | Czech RepublicGermanyPolandRomaniaRussiaSpain | United Kingdom

Additional resources

Compliance offerings

View our list of comprehensive compliance offerings.

GDPR overview

Learn more about our overall approach and commitment to GDPR.

Data transfer policies

Learn more about our data storage and transfer policies.

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