Windows 11 Security at a glance screen with bloom in background

From the box to start-up to browsing, Windows 11 helps you stay secure

Next-generation antivirus and malware protection. Tracking prevention.2 Biometric logins.3 Windows 11 features all built-in, always updated, and at no extra cost to you.7

Windows Hello smiley face

Secure sign-in with Windows Hello

Forget your passwords. With Windows Hello, logging in just takes a glance with your face or a scan of your fingerprint.3

Microsoft Edge blue and green swirl

Edge online privacy

Tracking prevention helps you manage how websites track you and gives you control over your privacy settings.4

OneDrive backup blue cloud

Set it and forget it

Windows PCs can automatically back up precious files to the cloud in OneDrive—allowing for selected files to be made recoverable in the event of a cyberattack.5

Microsoft Family Safety green heart

Empower and protect

Stay connected with your loved ones, develop stronger safety habits, and create a safer online space with the Microsoft Family Safety app.6

Windows Security

Advanced antivirus software to defend against today’s cyberthreats. Built into Windows 11, routinely updated, and at no extra cost to you.7 That’s Windows Security.

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Security at a glance window with Windows 11 bloom in the background

Say goodbye to passwords with Windows Hello

Windows Hello allows for more secure and personal sign-ins with biometrics, like your face or fingerprint.3 8

Microsoft Edge screen in Kid’s Mode
Microsoft Edge blue and green swirl

Microsoft Edge helps keep your data yours

Tracking Prevention gives you more control over how websites track your data.4 Password Generator provides hard-to-crack passwords. Password Monitor will alert you if they are compromised.4 Kids Mode allows for childproof web sessions with strict content filters.9

Windows 11 screen and mobile phone showing OneDrive backup window
OneDrive backup blue cloud

Your digital life—secured

OneDrive keeps your files backed up and protected with ransomware detection and file recovery options. And for your most important files, you get a secure folder that you can only access with a second step of identity verification.5

Microsoft Family Safety app and screen
Microsoft Family Safety green heart

Microsoft Family Safety

The Family Safety app helps you to stay connected with your loved ones, develop stronger safety habits, and create a safer online space.6

Keep track of your stuff

Whether it’s your laptop or digital pen, the Find My Device feature on Windows 11 can help you locate it. Just save the device’s location when it’s connected to the internet and then go to your Microsoft account to locate it.

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Mobile phone and pinging symbol with blue background

Screens simulated. Features and app availability may vary by region.

  • 2 Requires the latest version of Microsoft Edge.
  • 3 Requires specialised hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IT sensor or other biometric sensors and capable devices.
  • 4 Available on the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Must be signed into a Microsoft account.​
  • 5 Files may be made available for offline use. Otherwise, internet access required. Fees may apply. OneDrive files are restored to the state they were in before the attack occurred. File versions created up to 30 days in the past can be restored at any time for any reason. Requires Microsoft account.
  • 6 App available as separate download for free. Location permissions must be active; driving safety available only in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada; Microsoft 365 Family subscription required for location alerts and drive safety features.
  • 7 During the device support period provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
  • 8 Available for selected companion devices and selected Windows 10 editions.
  • 9 Feature availability limited to US only.