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Sales analytics for everyone

Do you want to create dashboards that provide at-a-glance insights into your team's key metrics such as quotas, market size and opportunities and the ability to quickly drill down for more details? Do you want to blend your sales data with data from marketing, finance and other functions to get a holistic view of the business?

Power BI lets you create these dashboards and interactive reports in seconds and visualize the metrics important to your team. Simple drag-and-drop gestures let you easily dive deep into your data to find improvements, correlations, and outliers.

Be the first to know

Power BI lets you instantly create dashboards and start monitoring your teams' opportunities, results, and overall efficiency. You can also monitor key metrics like win rates, number of wins, revenue, discounts, and YTD revenue maps. The dashboards are refreshed with up-to-date data automatically and give you an at-a-glance view of the insights anytime you need it.

Insights in seconds

Power BI allows you to use simple drag and drop gestures to create create interactive reports that let you analyze the key metrics for your team. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Revenue: Find your best-case scenario.
  • Factored revenue: Develop a more realistic projection, based on opportunity stage.
  • Opportunity count: Compare across the sales team.
  • Geography: Which regions are strongest and weakest?
  • Funnel: Where in the pipeline are your opportunities?
  • Channel effectiveness: Compare direct and indirect sales performance.
  • Opportunity revenue trend: Which direction is revenue headed?

See the big picture

Blend your sales data such as quotas, market size, opportunities, and demographics with data from marketing, finance, customer service, operations, and other functions to discover more insights and make more informed decisions across the business. Unlock the potential in the data siloed in different systems of your organization.

Put the future in context

With Power BI, you can easily spot trends in time to make a difference. Answer questions like:

  • What's the opportunity revenue in your pipeline?
  • Looking back, how did your factored revenue projections perform?
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