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Devices and Infrastructure

Adopt a holistic approach to reach an enhanced security posture while meeting business objectives.

The world is moving to protect critical infrastructure

Governments worldwide are developing policies to manage cybersecurity risk to critical infrastructure. This is an enormous opportunity but also poses challenges across the ecosystem.
A diagram of a map showing policy developments around the world.

Threats and opportunities on all fronts

Global wave of policy initiatives

Increasingly complex critical infrastructure cyber security policies are in development across regions and sectors. How governments proceed will be crucial to the future of security.

Exposed IoT and OT

Devices rapidly coming online bring opportunity for threat actors. IoT devices pose unique security risks as entry and pivot points in the network, and millions are unpatched or exposed. 

Supply chain and firmware hacking

Microsoft has seen increased targeting of firmware to launch devastating attacks. Firmware is likely to continue to be a valuable target for threat actors.

Reconnaissance-based OT attacks

There is a growing threat of reconnaissance-based OT attacks that are highly tailored to their target environments. The system design information is a strategic target for threat actors.


Firmware vulnerabilities

Attackers are increasingly leveraging firmware vulnerabilities present in billions of IoT and OT devices deployed in enterprises, to infiltrate corporate networks. 

32% of firmware images analyzed contained at least 10 known critical vulnerabilities.

Explore other critical focus areas

The State of Cybercrime

Cybercrime continues to rise, driven by increases in both random and targeted attacks. Attack methods have evolved to create increasingly diverse threats.

Nation State Threats

Nation state actors are launching increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks to evade detection and further their strategic priorities.

Cyber Influence Operations

Today’s foreign influence operations utilize new methods and technologies, making their campaigns designed to erode trust more efficient and effective.

Cyber Resilience

As threats in the cyber landscape increase, building cyber resilience into the fabric of the organization is as crucial as financial and operational resilience.

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