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English Tracing Book . Use the Mouse or hand to trace and fill the letters (Lowercase,Uppercase) and numbers. Are you looking for a fun and award-winning educational app to help your toddler learn phonics and trace the letters of the alphabet? English Tracing Book might be the #1 app for you! English Tracing Book is loved & played by more than millions of toddlers and recommended by teachers & educational specialists. Play and learn how to write all letters of the ABC alphabet and the numbers 1-10 with English Tracing Book. Kids practice essential phonics and handwriting skills as they play four exciting and fun games per letter and number – as an extra they learn words associated with the letters! Letter tracing & phonics, it's all learned with English Tracing Book! HOW IT WORKS Kids learn to write letters and numbers as they play four exciting games per letter or number: Intro: discover the shape, phonics, name and sound of all the 26 letters and numbers of the alphabet Tap the letter: learn where to start to write the letters and numbers and finish by tapping the dots Tracing the letter: learn the letter trajectory by tracing games! Try it with your toddler, it’s has some fun games! Write the letter: test your knowledge by writing the abc and numbers from memory The first 5 letters from the ABC alphabet you receive completely for free, tracing and phonics, it’s included! The remaining letters can be easily added by making a purchase. Special features - Uppercase and lowercase letters + numbers 1 - 10! - Choice out of three most popular typefaces in handwriting education. Our fonts are based on the Handwriting without Tears style (HWT), D'Nealian style and Zaner-bloser style. - Progress and settings stored for up to three players Montessori materials & methods English Tracing Book is crafted with the greatest care for preschool kids & toddlers. Parents and teachers can use English Tracing Book independently, but schools that teach according the Montessori principle can use English Tracing Book as a source for their Montessori materials and methods as well. Tracing the letters of the ABC is becoming a fun game for toddlers. The educational setup makes sure your kid learns a lot from the different games, and the fun animations make that your kids can’t stop playing with the app. Let’s Play! Enough about all the features of English Tracing Book, get the app and let your toddler discover the magical world of letters and words. Before you realize, it writes the complete English ABC alphabet! Take action now, and download this great educational kids app for free! Key Features ⚪ Smooth Letters Tracing and Filling ⚪ A-Z Complete Letters ⚪ a-z Complete Letters ⚪ 0-10 Complete Numbers ⚪ Tracing Helper (Hint) ⚪ Letters Pronunciation ⚪ Sound Effects ⚪ Background Music ⚪ Fourteen Colored Pencils ⚪ Letters and Numbers Rating

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Use Mouse or Touch to draw


  • Smooth Letters Tracing and Filling
  • A-Z Complete Letters
  • a-z Complete Letters
  • 0-10 Complete Numbers
  • Tracing Helper (Hint)
  • Letters Pronunciation
  • Fourteen Colored Pencils
  • Letters and Numbers Rating

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