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glTF Viewer


An application to view glTF (TM) files on the HoloLens.

To get your glTF files onto your HoloLens, simply attach to a PC and use the built-in Windows support to copy your model files (.GLB/.GLTF) onto the storage on the device taking care to place them somewhere within the '3D Objects' folder.

Then run "glTF Viewer" and use the "open" voice command to choose the model that you want to display. You should be able to load any models packaged as either single-files (.GLB) or multiple-files (.GLTF).

You can open as many models as you like, the device will display them around 2m in front of you following your gaze and, once opened, you can use the regular one- and two-handed gestures to scale, rotate and move the model around in space.

With your focus on a specific model, you can use the "reset" voice command to put it back to its original location and the "remove" voice command to delete it from your scene.

On a compatible network setup, when one user opens a model any other glTF Viewer users will be notified and offered a chance to bring this newly opened model into their scene. Such a "shared" model will be displayed in the same physical location & updates to the model on the originating device will be replicated to all other viewers sharing that model.

This 'sharing' feature allows for a group of users on a network to each have separate scenes made up of models that they have opened locally on a device intermingled with models which were originally opened by other users on other devices. The user is always able to scale, rotate, translate and remove the models that they opened & the results of those operations are synchronised to other viewers.

If you have models in formats other than glTF then you can use utilities such as Paint3D to convert to glTF and save as .GLB or .GLTF.

The application makes no attempt to alter the models you give it to suit the mobile processing capability of the HoloLens. This means that large, complex models are likely to suffer poor performance unless pre-processed to reduce complexity.

The application relies solely on local networking technology and does not involve the setup of an external server nor does it make use of cloud services.

The application makes use of the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity and the UnityGLTF projects in order to read glTF files.

Loci AR Mind Map

4,89 €

What - Use Loci to Link In Your Mind. See Loci is a method of loci mixed reality mind mapping application located around you. It combines the method of loci memory technique and 3D mixed reality interaction with mind maps (graphs) to support you on your personal analysis tasks. These tasks can include looking for an apartment, finding out more about a disease, or deciding on a next job. Loci features initial import capability for MindManager, Freemind, and GraphML files.

Why - Loci uses three core concepts to help you organize, understand and recall; mind maps lets you break a problem down into component parts to organize and do analysis, mixed reality interaction with mind maps lets you visualize in 3D to understand how they are related, and the method of loci persistent placement of mind map nodes lets you improve your recall of the mind map, even when you are not using the Loci software. In this way you can organize your problem, understand it, and remember it later when you need to use that information for decisions.

How - Loci is built for Windows Mixed Reality. Loci supports spatial mapping so you can place nodes from your mind maps in relevant locations in your memory palace. Loci uses voice, gaze and gestures to enable you to make your 3D graphs (mind maps). You start by saying "add node" to make a node representing the problem you are working on, then you look at this node and again say "add node" to add more nodes for attributes of the problem, so you have a visualization of your problem. You can say "capture image" to add nodes with images using the camera, or say "load image" add nodes with images from files. You can link nodes together to show how they are related to each other. To load and save mind maps you use File Explorer or OneDrive. To help you understand how Loci works, it has a seven day free trial.

Where - Where you place and do things is very important to your memory. Locations in your memory palace are important to you. They have meaning that you effectively recall, and with Loci you can combine your visual and spatial memory.

When - Loci helps you on longer term problems you are working on, where you need to apply your capabilities for cognition. You may return to these problems over a span of weeks or months to arrive at the right decision. You use Loci when you have set aside time to do deep analysis at home or work.

Who - If you are solving complex problems, produce complex things, or purchasing complex items or services, such as cars, houses, college, stocks, or medical treatment, you could benefit by organizing, understanding, and recalling your information using Loci.

holo one sphere


sphere for Microsoft HoloLens 1 & 2 is the Mixed Reality enterprise software developed by holo|one.

sphere users can make use of a broad range of functionalities covering all major enterprise use cases using only one, unified platform solution:

Remote assistance
Our remote assistance functionality allows HoloLens users to establish contact with colleagues working on tablets, smartphones, or desktop PCs by means of the competence structure. Thereby, issues on physical installations can be assessed audio-visually as well as holographically. All users can not only interact with the MR user’s environment but can also share and manipulate all kinds of supporting materials for the most efficient problem-solving process.

Augmented collaboration
Our augmented collaboration functionality allows HoloLens users to collaborate with colleagues working on MR devices within a shared location and remotely, while remote users are visualized as avatars. Thereby, the immersive experience is shared among a session’s attendees while all interactions with the holographic content - documents, pictures, audio files, videos or 3D models (in tabletop- or overlay-mode) are synchronized in real-time.

Workflow support
Our workflow support functionality allows HoloLens users to be guided through complex workflows by means of holographic, location-based step-by-step instructions. Thereby, the workflows can be prepared in a highly efficient manner using our web-based management portal – requesting for various kinds of user inputs and attaching supporting materials (e.g. documents, pictures, audio files, videos, 3D models) for individual steps. Condition-based consecutive steps are also supported (i.e. branching) leading to an intelligent workflow execution process.

For additional information about how to start using the Mixed Reality enterprise software sphere, please contact us at or visit our homepage via

Tesseract with Instant 3D Builder

9,99 €

This program lets you explore the HyperCube operating in Four Dimensions and visualized in Three with a moving hologram.

The Instant 3D Builder engine with Perfect Word scripting lets you quickly build your own prototypes and share with others.

Please restart the program as needed especially just after first install or update.

Quick Start:

For HyperCube Help ...
Say "show hypercube help"
Say "add playspace"
Say "draw hypercube"
Say "bring to me"
Experiment with the commands on the hypercube help screen.

For Instant 3D Builder help ...

Say "help" and allow the help screen to build to final beep.

Take some time to look over help. Say "stop rotation" if desired.

And you can say "bigger" or "smaller" as desired. Feel free to move around, or just say "bring to me".

Say "delete playspace".

Say "add playspace"
Look away and say "bring to me"

Say "draw hypercube"

Say "help" again and allow the help screen to build to final beep.
Look away to a convenient location and say "help"
Say "smaller"
Say "push left" to regain control of the playspace with the hypercube and store the current playspace.

Say "bring to me" to ensure you have control of the hypercube.

Now do your first script ... a script to draw three hypercubes and join into a single playspace that is easily manipulated.

Say "start script" and wait for the beep after the intro is spoken.
Say "three hypercubes" ... the name
Say "add playspace" ... adds a new playspace so the result of the script will be a new independent playspace

Say "add playspace" ... this will hold the first hypercube
Say "draw hypercube"
Say "join playspaces" ... joins to the first playspace

Say "add playspace"
Say "draw hypercube"
Say "join playspaces" ... joins to the first playspace

Say "add playspace"
Say "draw hypercube"
Say "join playspaces" ... joins to the first playspace

Say "remove axis" ... cleans up the axis added, one per playspace
Say "remove axis"
Say "remove axis"
Say "remove axis"

Say "stop script" .. stops, processes, and makes available your script.

Now your new script is available to use, and will load up next time you start the program.
To use it now, ...

Say "three hypercubes"

Look away and say "bring to me"

Say "slow rotate playspace on minus y"

Other hypercube commands are

"draw xy hypercube"
"draw xw hypercube" ... and other commands using to letters from 'xyzw'. These are not yet on help.

Also "tesseract".

'Bloom' to suspend the program, or "application exit" to exit entirely.

Knock of the Dead

4,99 €

The dead have risen. Civilization has collapsed. Your own home, compromised. Or is it?

Knock of the Dead is a HoloLens survival horror game where you barricade and defend your home from the hordes of the undead. Define entry points to your location using an intuitive two-point doorway designation system and block entrance to your room with increasingly stronger barricades. Collect salvage by smashing crates and upgrade your defenses. Increase your chances to find salvage on your next supply run by collecting newspaper clippings taped on your walls. Fight off the invading horde at night with up to four blunt force weapons. Swing at your attackers with a shovel, slash them with a kitchen knife, or rely on your trusty hammer to keep their zombie hands off your defenses! How well is your home prepared for the zombie apocalypse? How long can you survive?

* Survival horror on the HoloLens!
* Quick to pick up and play: Easy to learn, one-gesture interface system.
* Easy entry point designation: Tap on the top left and bottom right corners of your door frame to specify where the zombies can enter your home.
* Spatial surround sound: Locate the nearest danger zone which may be behind you!
* 4 different melee weapons to fight off the invading horde.
* Three barricade types to hold out against the dead.
* Secure your home with barbed wire to set up last-resort barricades using your entangled enemies!
* Increasing difficulty as you progress: As the days pass, more zombies will swarm your defenses while your supplies get more scarce!

Made with Unity. To get the most out of this experience, it is recommended that you designate 1-3 entry points corresponding to real, closed door locations. This game involves movement. Please be aware of your surroundings.

Copyright (c) 2017 Konstantinos C. Apostolakis. All rights reserved.

The story, characters and incidents portrayed in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance with actual persons, either living or deceased, and/or products is purely coincidental and not in any way intended.


Tire Explorer


Tire Explorer shows a tire factory representative who is beamed into the app to explain the components and features of the tire to a shop sales representative wearing the HoloLens.
This HoloLens experience by Valorem was developed in partnership with Bridgestone was unveiled at Microsoft Build 2017 conference. The app features never-before-seen technology, including:

• High-end product visualization (Shader Art)
• Real-world object tracking (No Fiducial Markers)
• HoloBeam full HD holographic narration (Holo Beam HighRes)

After the app is launched, Tire Explorer’s default state will automatically spawn the tire in front of the user with no tracking.

If you don't have a physical tire:
The app will start normally. IF you started the app before with a physical tire you can say
1. "Disable Tracking" then
2. "Reset Scene"
3. You only need to do this once, after that you no longer need the voice command

If you have a physical tire to scan:
1. Say "Enable Tracking" at the start screen and then start the experience.
2. You should see the outline of a tire when you tap out of the start screen.
3. You only need to do this once, after that you no longer need the voice command.

To skip an explanation for a component: Double-Tap (tap twice in quick succession) OR say "Skip Recording"
To Reset the Scene: At the end of the experience, you can say the voice command "Reset Scene" to restart the experience.

All Voice Commands:
"Reset Scene" Restarts the experience from the calibration screen
"Enable Tracking" Uses Vuforia tracking to spawn / position the tire – Persisted
"Disable Tracking" Automatically spawns the tire in front of user, skipping tracking – Persisted
"Clear Player Prefs" Resets previously persisted voice commands and settings in app
"Toggle Debug Text" Shows player prefs currently set – tracking state is the only important one.
"Skip Recording" To skip an explanation for a component.
"Skip To End" Jumps to the end of the experience where user can see all cross sections of tire.



Mr.RAVVAR——Create The Value Beyond HoloLens.
Mr.RAVVAR is based on RAVVAR Core which is a powerful AR SaaS computing platform. Now Mr.RAVVAR is perfectly compatible with HoloLens hardware and it's ecosystem. Providing users with efficient MR scenes creator and it's easy to use with or without any experience of programming!
Mr.RAVVAR is a platform perfectly compartible with HoloLens and allow users to build their own MR interactive scenes. Based on the powerful RAVVAR Core of online creation ability we also merge the HoloLens only functions like voice recognition, SLAM environment recognition, Luis AI Q&A function and so on. We also can provide our VIP users with customized service for example the HD Camera MR live broadcasts service. With Mr.RAVVAR and RAVVAR creator in your hand, we can low the entrance of the building HoloLens APP and make your creation easier than you ever know!
Meanwhile our powerful compartibility can make your MR scenes cross platform to AR platform, ARKit platform, ARCore platform and even any of the platform coming out in the furture.
Download our Mr.RAVVAR on HoloLens you may experience many of the great HoloLens cases across different kinds of fields and spaces.
Salesman can use it as tool to increase their sales. Marketing people can maximize the value of branding. Artist can make new art with new technologies. Teachers can enhanced the quality of learning and comprehension.
We also are going to build a MR assets center, providing our users with best MR assets like animated model, qualified alpha video, better UI/UX templates or game logic templates. Non-programming users can build whatever they want to build in 5 mins and advanced users also can user our XUNAPI to program their own MR logics and build their senarios of complexity and delicate design.
If you have any questions and comments, please give us your feedback. We will reply as soon as possible.

You may contact with us anytime with:

chloma x STYLY HMD collection


chloma x STYLY HMD collection allows you to experience shopping while wearing Microsoft HoloLens. With full-size 3D models projected in real space from every angle, you are immersed in the fashion brand’s perspective.

chloma marks the release of the next generation of one-stop shopping concepts which allow you to do everything from viewing clothing details, to actually wearing brands in MR space, to purchasing.

In addition, shooting in MR space (photo / movie) is also possible and may be done in four languages ​​(English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian).

* This application requires an HMD (head mounted display) compatible with Windows Mixed Reality or Microsoft HoloLens.

■ What's is chloma?
Bridging the relationship between technology and people, character and identity, the Internet and society, chloma has been developed to meet new consumer needs. It is an an environment through which modern consumers may break the boundaries between the world in the monitor and the real world. Atsuya Suzuki and Sakuma established in 2011 Fashion label by Reiko.

I think that there is a substance of modern people between the real and virtual worlds, expressing fantasy and practical attire.
REWORD:“We believe that modern people wish to connect the real and virtual worlds; expressing both practical attire and individual fantasy.

chloma Official Site: http: //

chloma x STYLY HMD collection HP: http: //

■ What's is STYLY?
STYLY is a creative platform that can make use of VR space and create new experiences and means of expression.

By utilizing STYLY, we are able to build myriad virtual environments, such as conceptual shop spaces, installations, galleries, or anything else in the creators' imagination.

Through these spaces, we are free to share experiences which we would not be achieve constrained by the limitations of the normal online environment.

STYLY Official Site: http: //

Open-pit mining (OAR)

99,99 €

Augmented reality OAR platform for Microsoft HoloLens. An application aimed to facilitate learning for managers and enhance educational training in mining and smelting industry.
The goal is to learn how to increase production capacity of an open-pit mining, taking into account economic efficiency of applied initiatives and time/game interval (15 minutes).
Within 15 minutes user should increase the annual production capacity of an open-pit mining. The application allows to apply a great variety of possible initiative including manipulations with objects and their combinations:
• Excavators
• Dump trucks
• Locomotives and dumping waggon
• Segments of highways
• Segments of the railroads

How to use application

One user:
1. In the Login window press the Register Team button
2. In the Registration of Team window choose team (Red, orange, yellow, blue or green team).
3. Press the Registration button
4. Wait a few seconds while settings take place and application will be ready to use

Team use:
1. All glasses connected to one network Wi-fi
2. All users should open the application
3. One assigned captain of the team should press “Register Team” button in the Login window
4. In the Registration of Team window, the captain choose team
5. After a few seconds while setting take place other participants of team in the Login window in the field of "Choose Your team" will see created new team.
6. Each user of team in the field of "Choose Your Team" select name of team and his personal number from 2 to 5
7. Press enter to continue

Therapy Lens


There is a large burden placed on the healthcare system to deal with the needs of patients suffering from neurological diseases. These patients require specific levels of support and rehabilitation that healthcare systems struggle to provide adequately. As of a result of the complexity of these systems and the dependency on them, patients suffer further losses in terms of quality of life and their personal independence. To address this issue, the Therapy Lens app idea was developed to enable patients to self-manage their health by completing ADL tasks at home or at a hospital with the Augmented Reality support and guidance.
This version serves as a DEMONSTRATION that includes some of the features for the application. These features were developed in order to measure the effect of supplementing existing rehabilitation methods, while ensuring that patients with these impairments may receive adequate support, both at home and in hospital.
Using the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality device, users can perform activities of daily living (ADL) and tasks in real life while the application provides embedded virtual support that aims to guide users towards a successful outcome. The support takes the form of virtual objects and audio-visual feedback that appears within the user's field of view during the task.
The current version includes the following features:
1) Orientation Games (Click, Gaze and Drag & Drop) to help the user get used to the basic interaction techniques with the HoloLens
2) Memory Game: The game is one of the most popular games, also known as Concentration, Match-Match or Pairs. Theoretically, the game focuses on enhancing the brain activity and increasing the attention and concentration. The game here is presented in the form of boxes.
3) Tea Making Scenario: This scenario represents a very common activity under the category of Activities of Daily Life (ADL). The scenario is an example scenario of the ADL tea making. The aim here to support users remember the different steps of preparing tea in the right order.
This application is a demo version for a research project that was funded by the EIT Health. In its current version, the presented features demonstrates only basic functionalities of the whole idea. For this version, we do not claim or guarantee any positive impact on users’ health.

Light Legal Info
All copyrights are reserved for the EIT Health Therapy Lens Project partners based on the binding agreements between them.
This version is NOT intended for any commercial use.
The set of icons that are used in the application are used from
The Avatar model is part of the free sample of the character pack from “Supercyan Assets” version 1.0 published on January 25th, 2017 on Unity asset store

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