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Wreckage of the helicopter, mountains, snow ...And it's cold, so freezing cold. I think I'm doomed. There are no people here and no one can save me. I have no plane to fly away and there's nowhere to hide. But I think I saw a radio beacon on the other side of the ridge when I was in my helicopter. If I could only get there! Trying to cross these mountains during such blizzard is a certain death. But once I read that inside these mountains there is a system of caves and if I don't get lost I can reach the radio beacon and send a signal for help. I have to find the entrance to the caves. There should be warmer and I can make a fire. And it would be good to find something to eat: I have very little food with me. ...But what's that creature over there? A bear? What a wicked joke! I must not only find the entrance to the caves, but also avoid the hungry predator. Brown bears are extremely dangerous in winter and this one has probably noticed me… Welcome to the Frozen Soul game, a hardcore quest for survival among the snow-covered rocks! You have to look for food in the winter forest during a blizzard, find an entrance to the caves and figure out how to get inside (it’s not easy). In the caves you will meet a dark secret and on the radio beacon you will face new problems. However, if you manage to overcome all the difficulties, you will see... What will happen to your hero then? You'll know it only if you go through this ice adventure to the end. Frozen Soul is: - Large detailed locations; - Intriguing plot and difficult tasks; - Atmosphere of hopelessness, search for food, tools and the right path among snow and stones; - Sudden findings, real despair and some chances to stay alive. Who is more cunning - is it you or the bear? What is stronger - your unwillingness to die or the cold and the hunger of the icy mountains? Find out if your hero will be able to get home or remain in this cruel land forever!

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Simulators Live, LLC

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