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Hidden Words Puzzles is a fun and challenging word search game with plenty of features, earn Coins as you play, has multiple categories with many words in each. Auto saves games so you can come back to play them any time, easy to use interface, Grid size can be changed from 6x6 (Beginner Level) up to 25x25 (Maestro Level). 🤔 In Hidden Words Puzzles the words are hidden vertically, horizontally and also diagonally, sometimes you have to search words even backwards, reading the letters from right to left, But don't panic if you are stuck, just use the hint buttons and the first letter or the whole word is highlighted. 🤯You will never ever finish the game, when you restart, new board with new words will be generated. 🧠 Challenge your brain, improve your vocabulary, and enjoy hours of fun. All while playing the ultimate all time classic word game loved by everyone! 📙 40 themes to choose from (Animals- Countries of the world, Sports, Business , Clothing, Kitchen ... ) 🛑 No advertising, No collection of personal data, No In-App Purchase and no Internet required!, Just pure Puzzle Solving Fun! ✔️ PC & XBOX : PC : - [ Mouse ] or - [ Controller ] : Left Stick to control the Cursor Button A to Select and Submit. and Button X to Go Back & Exit. Xbox : - [ Controller ] : Left Stick to control the Cursor A Button to Select and Submit X To Go Back Tablets and Other devices : - Touch Screen Supported.

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  • ✔️ Infinite play with automatically generated grids (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Maestro)
  • ✔️ 40 themes to choose from (Animals- Countries of the world - Sports, Business , Clothing, Kitchen ...)
  • ✔️ Endless Anti Stress & Relaxing Game
  • ✔️ Auto save : continue your game later !
  • ✔️ NO PRESSURE Have a relaxing time with simple rules.
  • ✔️ PC & XBOX

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