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Space Racing 2 is a scence fiction racing game in which you play as a driver of the anti-gravity craft,and it's your career to participate all kinds of racing events or be involved in battles, which is set in space or on some weird planet. Amazing graphics, fantastic anti-gravity control, multiple game modes, online events and a perfect combination of racing and battle experience, all together is bringing you a unique racing feast! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************* Background ******************* At the time of the 22nd Century, human civilization have eventually stretched into space, from solar system to the whole galaxy. Incalculable energy and minerals of the universe have brought an enormous prosperity to the technology and industry of the human world. Yet people have never stopped seeking for power and speed, until the invention of anti-gravity engine and Interstellar Travel, after which, the whole galaxy was turning into an endless racing field and battleground. ************************* Features ************** **** Wonderful 3D graphics **** Space Racing 2 is base on the game engine technology of Zendo which have a strong and highly optimized rendering power, make the game experience real and immersive. ***** Smooth control and addictive anti-gravity driving ********** As the sequel of Space Racing(SR) which was highly commended about the control of the crafts, SR2 is still focus on the realistic and fun of the driving experience, and this time with improved physical simulation system of the anti-gravity crafts, it's sure you won't be disappointed. ***** Innovative combination of racing and battle ******* Be cautious while driving, because peace do not exist in the whole universe, and it's necessary to load some weapons on your craft, or an energy shield would be helpful. Anyway, there's a lot of choices about your craft expansion which are all better than being naked. ***** Various game modes and rewards ******** Different modes with different fun and rewards, it's the career of a space racer! ***** Racing with online players ******** There are online events all the time, where players around the world would find their position and win the reward. Or the crueller way of 1 on 1 racing in the Arena may be your way.

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1. Added the minigame Lucky Spin 2. Fixed some bugs

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copy right by Feamber LTD.

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