Reinvesting in business is crucial for company growth

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Knowing when to reinvest in your business is important for people looking to grow a company, it has been suggested.

In an article for Guardian Professional, Sirena Bergman said there are a number of small business owners in the UK who want to expand despite the economic uncertainty.

She noted that many such companies are looking to overseas markets, while others are planning on increasing their workforce.

"Whatever route you choose to take, picking the perfect time to reinvest for growth is a crucial decision for a business owner," Ms Bergman stated.

She said that reinvestment is very important, even though it may not always be easy to commit revenue back into the company at first.

Ms Bergman advised business owners to look to the long term, since larger businesses tend to yield larger returns on investment.

She said it can be difficult to know when to plough funds back into the company, and it may be helpful to consult an external expert for advice.

This can ensure money is spent in the right areas, and the company does not invest too much of its hard earned cash.

Posted by Jenny Arthur