The goal of the World Search Project is the research and development of innovative web search technologies in Portugal as well as the research and development of generic and business information with semantic relevance and with the proper knowledge of the Portuguese language, culture and market. Its goal is also the integration of its work in a modular platform and its subsequent demonstration in three strategic fields: the Portuguese web, Local Public Administration and Health.

The consortium believes that the developed solutions and the expected results will benefit several business requirements for the consortium leader, Microsoft, its co-promoters and business partners. It also believes that the scientific developments accomplished in these research areas by the collaboration of the several business and academic (ISEP, University of Aveiro, FCUL) R&D centers will be successfully included in the Project. The goals and their expected results aim, by 2015, to place Portugal amongst the top three European countries of reference when it comes to general and business search technologies, which will raise the awareness of Search as an important component for an Information and Communication Technology national strategy.

Three main goals can be highlighted in this project: (1) The development of state of the art technology in Portugal; (2) The increase of R&D indicators of the Portuguese co-promoters and partners; and (3) the development of knowledge and wealth.


MLDC starts a partnership with Bing’s Search Technology Center Product Group Team
In March 2011 MLDC started a partnership with the Bing’s Search Technology Center Product Group Team, located in Munich

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MLDC promotes FAST training in the scope of World Search Project
From 11th to 15th of April 2011 took place in Lisbon a FAST training course in the scope of the QREN World Search Project.

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