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Microsoft Webinar Series: Data & Disruption

Join us for Microsoft’s Disruptors Series

Using data to disrupt Australian business

Join us as we talk to Australian organisations and Microsoft experts to explore how data is being used to digitally transform customer experience and operational outcomes. Hear from key transformation leaders as they discuss their experiences, insights and learnings derived from their own journeys toward creating truly disruptive experiences using data.


Harnessing Customer Insights

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Personalised Experiences with a 360-Degree View of Your Customers

Unify your data across sources to get a single view of customers, optimise customer engagement, and discover insights that drive personalised experiences.

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Intelligent Retail: How to Drive Success in the Digital Era

Discover how digital marketing has transformed the retail landscape and how you can adapt in this rapidly changing industry.

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Ensuring the success of your customer experience initiative

Join us for a conversation around how brands that can deliver on promises they make about their products and services can reap the rewards of long-term customer engagement.

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Critical components of a customer experience initiative

Join us for a continuing conversation about who should be involved in the definition of a buyer's journey and the role of company culture as you create a customer experience strategy.

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The New Age of Customer Service Automation

Explore the levels of automation in customer service and get rich insights from the thinkJar customer service report, including a chart that shows how increasing automation can improve customer service.


Delivering delightful customer experiences

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Shedding light on data blindness

Join Microsoft to hear more about how to mitigate data blindness and create a culture of continuous customer experience improvement.

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Delivering RoX: Return on Experience

Join Microsoft to hear more about how to create AI-driven customer insights, how to empower a customer data platform that amalgamates and analyses data from all corners of your organisation, and how to truly drive return on experience across your business.

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Creating delightful customer experiences through data

Thursday, 26th March 2020 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (AEDT)>

These days, experience has been identified as the thing that will set successful businesses apart from their competitors.

Join Microsoft to hear more about how to create delightful customer experiences through data.


How Australian business is disrupting with data

The Digital Feedback Loop

Length: 15 minutes
Overview: New research into digital transformation and customer experience.
Speakers: Michael O’Keefe, Business Applications Group Lead, Microsoft Australia; Paul Thompson, Senior Content Director, The Factuary.

Virgin Velocity - Understanding the Customer

Length: 23 minutes
Overview: Analysing behaviour for more rewarding customer experiences.
Speakers: Oliver Rees, Chief Data Officer Virgin Velocity; Michael O’Keefe, Business Applications Group Lead, Microsoft Australia.

Dexus - Building Insights

Length: 21 minutes
Overview: How data and experimentation create customer experience.
Speakers: Toby Heaton-Speakers: Armstrong, Head of Digital Technology, Dexus; Chris Bahlmann, Corporate Sales Manager, Microsoft Australia.

The real-world impact of data

Length: 12 minutes
Overview: Creating effective personalised experiences.
Speakers: Kate Carruthers, Chief Data and Insights Officer, UNSW; Agnes Panosian, Senior Technical Sales Manager, Microsoft Australia.

Data and disruption

Length: 23 minutes
Overview: Solving customer problems in one of the world’s most disrupted industries.
Speakers: Speakers: Deon Ludick, Chief Technology Officer at A2B Australia; Philip Goldie, Small Medium Corporate Lead, Microsoft Australia.

Partnering for transformation

Length: 10 minutes
Overview: Bringing data, AI and chatbots to the business.
Speakers: Rebecca Armstrong, Deputy Director of AI, Projects and Innovation at the University of Canberra; Jane Mackarell, K-12 Director, Microsoft Australia.

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