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Microsoft for defense and intelligence

Achieve your mission outcomes to promote stability and security with Microsoft Cloud solutions.
Silhouetted soldiers and helicopters against a sunset sky.

Advance defense missions

Power your AI transformation with hyperscale cloud to attain mission success.

Adapt with emerging technology

Promote stability and security for nations and multinational alliances.
  • Modernize legacy systems with hyperscale cloud to enable mission success.
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  • Enable missions at the tactical edge with deployable cloud services and secure communication.
    Silhouette of communication antennas on a roof against a sunset sky with vibrant orange and blue hues.
  • Extend the tactical edge boundary with 5G and space innovations.
    Satellite orbiting earth with expansive view of arid landscape below, clouds visible, highlighting earth's curvature.
  • Safeguard mission integrity with an AI-centric approach, underpinned by Zero Trust architecture.
    A young woman interacts with a futuristic digital interface displaying data and graphs.
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Defense and intelligence: adopting digital engineering 


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