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7 min read

Supply chain AI for the new era of value realization 

Together, Blue Yonder and Microsoft are unlocking a new era of value for retailers with AI. With AI-powered solutions, retailers can empower their teams to make decisions based on access to real-time data and intelligent insights.

4 min read

Leverage AI to simplify CSRD reporting   

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric (preview) can help organizations take sustainability data in any format, organize, and normalize the data for sustainability regulatory reporting. This quantitative data reporting approach is complemented by a joint solution from Accenture and Avanade that leverages generative AI to provide qualitative insights.

5 min read

Futureproof the mining industry with AI and digital innovation 

Digital transformation is essential for a resilient, durable, and sustainable mining sector. Geopolitical volatility and trade uncertainties are disrupting supply chains, while the industry grapples with the challenges of meeting the soaring demand for minerals essential for the energy transition.