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4 min read

How Microsoft and Nuance empower radiologists with AI-powered solutions 

There’s an urgent need to deliver proven, scalable solutions that increase radiology efficiencies, reduce the cognitive burden on radiologists while maintaining the highest standards of reporting quality. That’s why Microsoft and Nuance are committed to creating outcomes-focused AI solutions that streamline radiology workflows.

7 min read

6 cornerstones of financial services reinvention with data and generative AI 

Most financial services firms are well into their generative AI journeys, although it is still the early days for all of us. In our work with customers, we review these six principles and challenge the business and IT leadership to understand the unique needs of their business, where AI will deliver the most value, and how to make smart early moves in technology investments and early use cases.  

11 min read

How AI helps Microsoft partners innovate across industries 

AI is reinventing customer engagement where every connection adds value to the customer relationship, enriching employee experiences to help people be more creative in their work, and reshaping business processes. Read about how Microsoft partners across industries are accelerating innovation with AI.