Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Creating resilient retailers with our partners 

3 min read

Just a few days ago, Microsoft participated in the 2023 National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual Big Show in New York City. Our message was that in these hard-to-predict times, it’s important that retailers become “resilient” in a way that helps them thrive when competitors lag. To learn how retailers are weaving technology through the fabric Read more

Elevate patient experiences with healthcare data insights 

3 min read

In today’s ever-shifting landscape, healthcare leaders are looking for ways to remain competitive, deliver better care, and innovate for the future. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides trusted, integrated capabilities that make it easier to uncover healthcare data insights and improve patient care. Read more

Microsoft for Defense and Intelligence: Secure the digital defense ecosystem and improve interoperability 

7 min read

Data security and resiliency are now being enhanced by the distribution of digital operations and data assets with Microsoft Azure. Read more

Resilient Retail 

4 min read

Welcome to 2023—a new year packed with opportunities (and challenges) for all of us in the retail industry. During the past three years, we’ve experienced unprecedented economic, societal, and technological change, but for all that change one thing is clear—retailers are turning to digital technology like never before. Why? Because digital is what will make Read more