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5 min read

How governments can transform operations and services in the era of AI 

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to envision how generative AI can fundamentally transform the government operations and services that touch so many aspects of people's lives. The potential of AI to make government more efficient and more effective is beyond compelling, and government customers want it now.

3 min read

Streamline supplier engagement with the new ESG value chain solution 

The ESG value chain solution, a feature in Microsoft Sustainability Manager, will enable organizations to collect and report more detailed data about sustainability activities from their value chain partners. With this capability, you can create surveys and other customized workflows designed to collect emissions and ESG data needed for reporting and science-based target setting and reductions.  

4 min read

3 ways mixed reality empowers frontline workers 

By integrating the physical and digital worlds, mixed reality brings a modern approach to role-based training, support and service, as well as knowledge transfer. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides cultivates collaborative environments where people put knowledge into action.