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Get insights from the world of digital forensics and learn how investigators are using technology to help victims.

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Microsoft for Public Safety and Justice

Microsoft public safety and justice solutions help teams make better data-informed decisions and deliver trusted outcomes that increase safety, accountability, and transparency within communities.

Public safety and justice solutions

Empowering agencies. Improving operations. Protecting communities.

Transform emergency response

Integrate systems, modernize communications, and automate processes with public safety software.

Enable investigations and analysis

Automate the acquisition, processing, and distribution of investigative data and enhance analysis.

Modernize court operations

Digitize justice systems to accelerate secure and transparent proceedings.

Digitize offender management

Simplify post-trial transitions with offender case management solutions.

Mitigate cybersecurity risks

Build and deploy robust, secure solutions that support mission-critical operations and compliance.

Transform emergency response

Crime and fire prevention

Foster a community safety approach to policing and modernize emergency call centers.

Accelerate response times

Enhance public safety communications through technology in law enforcement and system integration.

Incident resolution

Improve transparency using public safety software that visualizes data and automates processes.

Enable investigations and analysis

Preemptive capabilities

Enable pre-event information sharing and analysis across jurisdictions and monitor data for threats.

Promote situational awareness

Automate investigative processes and synthesize data sources to create actionable intelligence.

Accelerate evidence discovery

Expedite the processing of digital forensic evidence across the criminal justice information system.

Modernize court operations

Digitize case management

Accelerate digital-by-default processes through e-filing, e-portals, and legal case management.

Streamline trials

Boost court efficiencies, capacity, and drive savings via virtual courtrooms and productivity tools.

Ensure fairness and equity

Democratize justice proceedings and use data analytics to ensure the equitable delivery of justice.

Digitize offender management

Enable information flow

Maintain operational oversight among jurisdictions for a 360-degree view of the offender.

Enrich offender programs

Reduce recidivism with targeted social services and offer access to mental health resources.

Modernize parole and release

Automate correctional facility processing and classification and optimize offender case management.

Mitigate cybersecurity risks

Enable secure collaboration

End-to-end encryption and security all day, every day, helps protect devices, identities, and apps.

Safeguard data

Deploy modern, cloud-based security and a Zero Trust approach to help ensure data integrity.

The white paper titled Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing for Defense and Intelligence.

Transform safety and justice in communities

Innovations and transformations

A Microsoft Tactical Vehicle driving down a road

Enabling rapid emergency response

See how the Microsoft Tactical Vehicle equips emergency response teams with a complete command and control ecosystem on wheels.

Ushering in the future of court hearings

Discover how to deliver smart and secure virtual hearings with trusted solutions for hybrid court proceedings.

Two people walking and having a conversation

Exploring the world of digital forensics

Hear insights from the world of digital forensics and find out how investigators are using technology to help victims more effectively in the modern age.

A person wearing a suit using a mobile phone

Transforming court operations

Learn how court systems around the world are digitizing court procedures for a personalized, secure approach to the delivery of justice.

Digitizing case management

Find out how San Bernardino County's digital transformation is helping its district attorney’s office keep pace with internal growth and the ever-evolving justice system.

Three people standing and sitting around a laptop

Transforming public safety and justice

Discover Gartner® research on how justice and public safety organizations can seize new opportunities to address evolving demands.

Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President of Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft

Building cyber resiliency in government

Hear how public sector organizations can better prepare for future cyberattacks in this podcast episode.

A worker wearing protective gear and a hard hat using a mobile phone

Empowering first responders

Learn how emergency response agencies around the world are adopting new technologies to empower their teams, improve operations, and protect their communities.

Customer evidence

Cheshire Constabulary logo

Adopting a cloud-first approach

Cheshire Constabulary uses Microsoft Sentinel to enhance its security posture.

Western Lakes logo

Improving speed and efficiency

Western Lakes Fire District strengthens situational awareness with Microsoft Teams.

Orange County Superior Court

Digitizing case management

Orange County Superior Court modernized its case management systems to better serve the community.

Dominican Judicial Branch logo

Improving legal processes

The Dominican Republic’s judicial branch transformed its justice ecosystem.

Eastern Band logo

Fortifying data security

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians moved their IT system to Microsoft Azure to prevent future cyberattacks.

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Products that innovate justice

Microsoft Azure

Build, manage, and deploy applications remotely to solve challenges of any size.

Microsoft 365

Unite remote teams with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Combine investigative data and information with continuous insights for faster decision making.

Microsoft Surface

Access hardware made for remote work and protected by Microsoft security and modern manageability.

HoloLens 2

Accelerate first responder readiness with a mixed-reality device that models environments.

Microsoft Power Platform

Build public safety and justice solutions to analyze data, automate processes, and secure justice.

Explore our partner ecosystem

News and events

Driving innovation in public safety

See how RapidDeploy built a highly available, secure platform.

Bolstering justice with data

Learn how Orange County Superior Courts transformed operations.

Enabling situational awareness

See San Bernardino County Fire Department train with technology.

Transforming forensic review

Hear how Exterro advances public safety with Microsoft Azure.

Saving lives with technology

Hear how digital innovation is reshaping emergency response.

Building custom apps to keep the city safe

See how the San Francisco Police Department protects with tech.

Manage criminal justice information

Learn about the Azure Commercial offering from Microsoft.

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