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Microsoft for financial services

Unlock business value and deepen customer relationships in the era of AI.
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Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

Unlock business value and deepen customer relationships with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.

Explore solutions by industry

Discover cloud and AI-powered solutions for banking, insurance, and capital markets.
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Deliver unique customer experiences and define new, innovative ways of working.
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Transform customer experiences, boost productivity, manage risk, and modernize operations.
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Capital markets

Drive value creation and enhance collaboration with secure, compliant, cloud-based solutions.

Build on a trusted cloud

Mitigate risk and unlock business value on a foundation of intelligence, security, and compliance. You’ll be able to:
  • Meet compliance requirements.
  • Strengthen security and privacy.
  • Foster resilience and transparency.
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See how organizations are innovating

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Explore financial services solutions

Accelerate time to value and go to market faster with offerings from the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Meet compliance requirements

Learn about Microsoft's commitment to support the Digital Operational Resilience ACT (DORA).

Discover valuable resources

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• November 2023

Unlock business value and deepen customer relationships with AI

Explore key use cases for AI that help financial institutions and insurers of all sizes deliver more impactful business outcomes.
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• December 2023

Enabling the future of financial services in the era of AI

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• February 2024

Co-building the future of financial services in the era of AI

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• February 2024

Empowering women in financial services: Experiential perspectives


Achieve more in financial services

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Responsible AI

Microsoft AI principles and practices

Explore how Microsoft stays committed to responsible AI practices through governance, policy, and research.
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Compliance Program for Microsoft Cloud

Connect with subject-matter experts to support your risk, audit, and compliance teams and accelerate your cloud adoption.

Read our compliance documentation and visit the Trust Center to learn more about Microsoft’s commitments to financial services compliance, data protection, and privacy. Learn more about DORA compliance here.

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