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Healthcare providers

Discover how healthcare provider organizations are transforming health technology and reengineering their businesses to personalize the patient experience, accelerate data interoperability, empower care teams, and improve health outcomes.

Reimagine the way you address healthcare challenges

Empower healthcare organizations of all sizes to reimagine the ways they bring together people, processes, and health data insights to improve care delivery. Discover healthcare provider solutions to better enable personalized care, empower care teams, and improve operational outcomes within a secure and compliant environment.

Create personalized patient experiences

Personalize healthcare experiences that gives patients control over their secure health data and provides insights to promote self-care and wellness management.

Improve care team experience

Improve collaboration with care teams to streamline care coordination, connect securely with patients, and drive better health outcomes through value-based incentives.

Reduce cost of care

Use secure data to accelerate diagnoses, reduce time-to-treatment, and improve care team efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Explore healthcare solutions that enable better experiences, better insights, and better care

female medical professional speaking with female patient

Enabled personalized care

Focus on each patient's individual health and wellness using data-driven analytics and insights that you share securely across departments and with patients.

group of medical professionals in a meeting

Empower care teams

Help clinicians and staff share knowledge easily and securely, and coordinate more effectively using centrally shared data and cloud-based healthcare solutions and AI tools.

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Improve operational outcomes

Increase efficiency with actionable business insights that optimize clinical pathways, operational workflows and quality improvement using secure healthcare data.

Reimagine healthcare

Explore healthcare solutions and innovations that are saving lives and shaping the future.

Doctor working in-front of a laptop

Protect health information

Earn and keep patient trust through effective security, privacy, and compliance.

Learn how Microsoft can support providers

See how providers use Microsoft healthcare solutions

Ochsner Health System

Reducing adverse events with data insights

Applied machine learning and clinical analytics reduced adverse ICU events by 44%.

Capturing patient insights to improve patient care

Concierge customer service creates a personalized patient experience and increases call to appointment conversion by 42%.
Northwell Health

Delivering a 360-degree view to support patient needs and wellness

Business applications give employees the tools to optimize patient care and reduce costs.
St. Luke’s University Health
St. Luke’s University Health

Responding to a health emergency and saving lives

St. Luke’s critical care doctors use Microsoft Teams to create COVID-19 protocol, saving lives and improving recovery time.
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Enhance your solution with the Microsoft Cloud

Deliver better experiences, insights and care by combining Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

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