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Discover the top five insurance industry digital priorities for 2023.

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Empowering intelligent insurance

Reduce cost of operations, support new business models, and enhance integration with partners to accelerate services to meet customer expectations.

Manage risk, build trust, and enhance customer experience

Find new ways to engage customers and improve risk modeling to achieve your business outcomes.

Deliver differentiated policyholder experiences

Deepen existing relationships and attract new customers.

Improve risk modeling

Compute power puts you in control to run, manage, and iterate on models faster.

Modernize core insurance systems

Reimagine key processes to bring new products to market quickly.

Empower employees and agents through teamwork

Improve employee productivity and accelerate workplace modernization.

Learn how insurers are innovating with intelligent insurance solutions

See how Microsoft customers are improving security and the customer experience with AI and advanced analytics.

Driving faster time-to-value

Zurich Germany uses AI to improve the customer journey and achieve its ambitions.


Meeting customers where they are

Progressive turns its iconic spokeswoman into an online chatbot, giving customers a new way to ask questions and get quotes.

Two women sitting and discussing in office with one of them holding a tablet
Hanover Insurance Group

Achieving real change

The Hanover Insurance Group rapidly scales its solutions through the power of automation.

Munich Re

Transforming for hybrid work

Munich Re uses Microsoft Teams Rooms to modernize its conference rooms worldwide.

A statue placed at the entrance of a Gjensidige building

Putting security front and center

Gjensidige builds a modern ‘DevSecOps’ solutions through the combined capabilities of GitHub Enterprise and Microsoft Azure.

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