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Compliance Program for Microsoft Cloud

Connect with subject-matter experts to support your internal and external risk, audit, and compliance teams and accelerate your cloud adoption.

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Accelerate your cloud adoption with proactive compliance assurance

Identify regulatory challenges

Understand how regulatory changes and cyberthreats affect your cloud environment.

Assess risk proactively

Evaluate your cloud estate’s risk, compliance, and privacy requirements.

Minimize threats continually

Gain insight through continuous risk analysis and oversight across your hybrid cloud estate.

Simplify your compliance journey to the cloud

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Ask an expert

Get direct engagement with Microsoft experts to support risk stakeholders in accelerating assessments and approval cycles.

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Risk and control mapping

Receive support from Microsoft experts to complete a fixed number of risk-assessment questionnaires.

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Compliance community

Learn about the latest regulatory compliance developments directly from Microsoft experts, regulators, and industry peers.

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Proactive risk assurance

Get external audit results, updates about your Microsoft estate, changing regulatory compliance requirements, and news about industry-related cloud technologies including external risk management.

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Commitment to compliance

Get started with solutions and products that meet the regulatory, security, privacy, and compliance needs of the financial services industry.

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Learn more about the Compliance Program

Key considerations

Read about key compliance and security considerations.

Microsoft Compliance documentation

Browse resources to get started with compliance for your organization.

Join the community

See the latest trends, releases, and information on security, compliance, identity, and privacy.

Finance industry solutions

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Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

Explore the financial services solutions that Compliance Program for Microsoft Cloud supports.

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Azure for financial services

Offer differentiated customer experiences, enhance risk management, and fight fraud.

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Dynamics 365 Finance

Maximize financial visibility and profitability.

Additional resources

Microsoft compliance

Review Microsoft compliance offerings and service assurance documentation.

Learning path

Understand Microsoft security, compliance, and privacy fundamentals.

Service Trust Portal

Explore content, tools, and resources including audit reports and vulnerability assessments.

Compliance Manager

Access 300 pre-built assessments for common industry and regional regulations.

Frequently asked questions

  • Organizations using hybrid cloud services often face challenges when assessing risks and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Compliance Program for Microsoft Cloud is a fee-based premium program offering personalized support to address these challenges, as well as educational and networking opportunities.

  • The previous program was open only to enterprises in the financial services industry as defined in the Financial Services Amendment. Microsoft now supports all enterprises with enhanced features in addition to the right to audit.

  • No. Microsoft will not provide legal advice or representations of your compliance. Conversations will focus on topics where you believe you might be unable to use the cloud based on new or evolving regulations.

  • It depends on the complexity of the question and the information available. The Compliance Program team works diligently to address inquiries as quickly as possible.

  • No, the program is a paid package.

  • Yes, the program is designed to cover all Microsoft cloud services and doesn’t offer pricing for individual cloud services.

  • No, you don’t need to be a Compliance Program member to exercise your right to audit. However, only members can get help with their assessments from Microsoft experts and have access to confidential artifacts, which may reduce your need for an audit.

  • Talk to your account team about your transition options.

  • Most features are new or enhanced, including risk and control mapping and proactive risk assurance. Additionally, Microsoft provides a personal touch that most competitors don’t offer.

  • No, you must be a member to be invited to the summit. The summit is not available as a fee-based offering.

  • The R2A and R2E clauses remain in place and are addressed in the Online Service Terms and Data Protection Addendum contract stack as well as industry-specific agreements.

Compliance Program for Microsoft Cloud

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