Photo of cafeteria under glass atrium with a sunny blue sky.

Inside Track

Discover the inside story of how Microsoft Digital is powering, protecting and transforming Microsoft, helping you learn from our experiences and accelerate your own transformation.

A screenshot of the Microsoft Mesh immersive spaces environment showing different employee-based avatars participating in a Microsoft Teams hybrid meeting.

Bonding in 3D: How Microsoft employees are finding connection in Microsoft Teams

Three employees stand around a laptop computer in a bright office setting.

Deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365 internally at Microsoft

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Abstract illustration representative of using Microsoft Viva goals internally at Microsoft.
April 8, 2024

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An abstract illustration representing securing your company while empowering your employees with good labeling hygiene.
April 3, 2024

Empowering employee self-service with guardrails: How we’re using sensitivity labels to make Microsoft more secure

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March 20, 2024

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Rendered the global module