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Built on our enterprise-grade security practices, our transparent approach to AI helps protect your information and puts you in control. Our principles lead with ethics, accountability, and inclusive design to empower people and organizations, and positively impact society.

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Organizations of all sizes, throughout the world and across industries, are leveraging the power of AI and the cloud to accelerate performance. Learn how companies are using Microsoft’s AI technology to accelerate their digital transformation.

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Get access to tools and resources like Cognitive Services, Cortana skills kit, Cognitive Toolkit and deep learning.

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  • “We’re responsible for building AI advances that amplify human ingenuity, and also that reflect our shared societal values and expectations.”

    Harry Shum, Executive Vice President, AI and Research

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  • “Our researchers investigating machine learning are very much part of the larger community of researchers worldwide pursuing studies in machine intelligence.”

    Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Managing Director, AI and Research

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  • “We have to have a diverse group of people working on AI, otherwise it’s simply not going to end up being as good as it should be.”

    Lili Cheng, Corporate Vice President, AI and Research

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  • “I believe it has the power to be the most powerful technology ever created… As a society we face enormous challenges and AI could help solve these in the future.”

    Chris Bishop, Technical Fellow and Laboratory Director

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