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Organizations in all industries and of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500—are doing amazing things with Microsoft AI

A heart symbol with kry card

Kry simplifies personalized patient care

Healthcare company Kry used Azure AI to assist in personalizing patient care and reducing administrative burdens, improving patient access, care quality, and experiences.

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IFAD brings critical data to remote regions

Agriculture development agency IFAD used Azure OpenAI Service to provide the remote regions it serves with access to mission-critical data.

iveco group vehicles

Iveco Group amplifies employee productivity

Manufacturer Iveco Group used Azure OpenAI Service to create an internal support chatbot that facilitated employee productivity and creativity.

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Telstra dials in elevated customer service

Telecommunications company Telstra built generative AI tools based on Azure OpenAI Service to work with customers more quickly and effectively.

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Augmenting automation with AI

Software developer UiPath increased productivity and reduced time spent on mundane tasks by incorporating Azure OpenAI Service into its enterprise automation tools.

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Saving time by streamlining invoice processing

Automotive manufacturer Volvo simplified invoice and claims document processing with Azure AI—saving the company more than 10,000 manual hours of work.


Empowering people to innovate processes

HEINEKEN used Azure AI to expand access to data, encourage employee innovation, and streamline business processes.


PwC uses AI to power human-led audits

PwC professional services is humanizing the audit with Azure OpenAI Service to increase efficiency, enhance data acquisition, and improve client experiences.


Connecting people with an AI-enabled app

Siemens software used Azure AI to create a Teams app that communicates across languages, connecting workers with engineers to solve problems in real time.

TomTom logo with gps screen

TomTom transforms driving with AI

TomTom used Azure OpenAI Service to turn car navigation into conversational infotainment, elevating the driver experience with human-like communication.


Lucy boosts platform adoption to 100%

Lucy, an AI-powered knowledge management platform, runs on a suite of Azure services that connect data, improve workflows, and help users find what they need.


Perplexity.AI doubles search throughput

Perplexity.AI created a trailblazing AI-based answer engine—and delivered a faster, more scalable search experience at lower cost—using Azure AI Studio.


Automating data analysis lowers costs

INSPIRE Environmental significantly reduces costs, processing times, and labor by using Azure AI to streamline the analysis of complex ocean data. 


Lexmark paves the way for revenue growth

Lexmark used Azure AI to bring its enterprise services to multiple partner categories and increased its contractual and recurring revenue.


Mercy makes efficiency gains—and saves on costs

Mercy, one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States, used Azure AI solutions to automate tasks, save time, and decrease operational costs.

Manulife John Hancock logo

John Hancock reduces costs with an AI chatbot

Financial services provider John Hancock realized cost savings and scaled up by using Azure AI Bot Service to help reduce incoming customer support calls.


Netlogic increased revenue by 25 percent

IT company Netlogic uses generated meeting summaries and communications to overcome productivity challenges—and increase revenue.


NC Fusion reaches more people, faster

Nonprofit organization NC Fusion used Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to quickly create communications for an advertising campaign that reached thousands of families.


Atera achieves a 10x productivity gain

Atera, a cloud-based IT management platform, used Azure Cognitive Services to create solutions that helped its technicians automate tasks and improve customer service.


Marketers get a generative AI assistant

Aprimo created an embedded generative AI assistant using Azure OpenAI Service and ChatGPT to give marketers enhanced, scalable automation.

AT and T

AT&T improves operational efficiency

By using Azure OpenAI Service to automate and streamline business operations, AT&T delivers on time and cost savings—and value.

project Gutenberg

Making great literature more accessible

Project Gutenberg uses AI-generated book narration to bring nearly 5,000 free audiobooks to the global community, including people who have visual impairments.


Elastic elevates the search experience

Elastic uses Azure OpenAI to run a next-gen search engine that provides text, vector, and hybrid search so customers can find what they’re looking for, faster.

M & S

British retailer builds brand loyalty

Marks & Spencer uses Azure Machine Learning to enhance its customer loyalty program, accelerate innovation, and continuously improve the customer experience.


LALIGA transforms fan engagement with AI

LALIGA reimagines data and AI at scale to give soccer fans the most innovative experiences, drive revenue growth, and create business opportunities.

A person sitting at a café table using a tablet

Swift uses AI to help fight fraud

As a leading infrastructure provider for global financial services, Swift uses Azure Machine Learning to better secure the world’s financial messages.

A person sitting at their desk working on a laptop running H&R Block software

H&R Block is reducing taxpayer stress

To streamline the tax return process, H&R Block created a solution using Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning to quickly digitize data from tax forms.

A person working at their desk with a laptop and two monitors displaying code

Beiersdorf accelerates R & D with AI

Skin care industry leader Beiersdorf accelerates research and development by democratizing terabytes of data using AI and semantic capabilities.

Fashable outfits and clothing items

Fashable makes fashion more sustainable

Portugal-based Fashable uses generative AI to empower fashion companies to create new, original designs faster—and more sustainably by reducing fabric waste.

Electrical wires high above a lush forest and river

E.ON uses AI to keep the lights on

To help keep workers and the energy supply safe, E.ON SE uses drones and a custom-made AI solution that runs on Azure to inspect power lines.

A surfer riding a wave

USA Surfing rides the AI wave with Azure

Surfers and coaches are using AI-generated insights on the athlete, surfboard, and environment to improve performance and reduce injuries.

Two medical professionals walking down a hallway having a conversation and looking at a clipboard that one is holding

Medicine meets responsible AI in the NHS

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust helps doctors turn data into medical insights with Azure Machine Learning and the Responsible AI Dashboard.

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VW expands translation capabilities

The Volkswagen Language Services team dramatically speeds up translations in more than 60 languages—up to 16,0000 projects daily—using Azure AI.

An AI rendering of basketball plays on a court

A new era of AI—and basketball fandom

To bring fans deeper into the game, the NBA uses Azure AI to provide personalized highlight reels based on their favorite players and kinds of plays.

Three Strabag employees wearing protective hats and clothing having a conversation

AI helps construction leader spot risks

Strabag SE created a solution to help identify potential impacts of new construction projects—and mitigate risks upfront—using Azure OpenAI Service.

Four people sitting in an open meeting space having a conversation.

KPMG accelerates automation with AI

By using Azure OpenAI Service to pull and predict the right tax data, KPMG will simultaneously reduce risk factors and increase customers’ confidence.

People working and having conversations in a Moveworks office.

Resolving workplace requests with AI

Moveworks created a conversational AI platform that understands natural language requests and provides rapid, personalized responses for employees.

Two people laughing and working together at a desk with laptops and a tablet.

Thread improves customer service with AI

By using Azure OpenAI Service, Thread frees IT technicians from time-consuming tasks and helps them deliver excellent customer service. Sample chat interaction on phone; a person using voice to interact with phone at work; a person using a virtual assistant device.

The next level of conversational AI

Zammo’s platform, built with Azure OpenAI Service, helps organizations of any size and IT skill set quickly create customized conversational AI experiences.

A CarMax storefront with cars parked in front

CarMax streamlines customer reviews

Using AI-generated content from Azure OpenAI Service, CarMax created customer review summaries for 5,000 car pages in just a few months.

Broward College

Helping more students graduate

Broward College aims to increase the student retention rate by using machine learning and responsible AI to design data-driven student support strategies.

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Reddit broadens accessibility

To expand accessibility for users who are blind or have low vision, Reddit generated alt text for millions of images using Azure Cognitive Service for Vision.

An employee using a tablet to scan a display in a store

IPLAND uses AI to boost in-store sales

IT product company IPLAND optimizes retail displays using image recognition technology built with Azure automated machine learning.

A person standing up presenting a calendar with sticky notes on it to two others sitting in the room

Typeface makes brand marketing easier

Generative AI platform Typeface uses Azure OpenAI Service to create engaging, on-brand marketing content in seconds.

People smiling and posing humanizes brand marketing

To drive authentic user-generated content, created an app using Azure OpenAI Service that connects brands to content influencers and creators.

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Nota uses AI to support local news orgs

Multimedia SaaS company Nota uses Azure OpenAI Service to optimize news stories, turn articles into video, and generate engagement and revenue for newsrooms.

People sitting around a table with a laptop, a notebook and a mobile phone

Assessing sustainability efforts with AI

ERM takes a big step in promoting sustainable business practices by building a standardized environmental, social, and governance assessment tool.


KPMG sees productivity wins with AI chat

KPMG used Azure OpenAI Service to build conversational AI assistant KymChat, then added Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore to further boost search quality.

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