Microsoft for Government

Pursue your vision of economic, social, and environmental prosperity for the people you serve with inclusive government technology that seamlessly blends into everyday life.

Intelligent government solutions

Empower every government agency and person on the planet to achieve more.

Drive economic growth and development

Stimulate economic growth and empower the workforce with training, upskilling, and new initiatives.

Enable personalized, digital experiences

Provide inclusive, accessible platforms and enhanced digital services to individuals and businesses with government solutions.

Deliver trusted and secure services

Build trusted government services by adopting the highest standards of security and compliance.

Build a resilient, sustainable future

Create a better future by harnessing the power of new and emerging technologies.

Government sectors


See how government agencies are elevating public services

Expedited online learning

LinkedIn Learning helps the city of Austin deliver more engaging online training.

Innovative public services

The Municipality of Milan modernizes public services with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Trusted online taxes

The Finnish Tax Administration helps protect its digital tax services with Microsoft security solutions.

Workspace transformation

City of Issy creates a collaborative-first, flexible workspace fitting the work style of every worker.

Security tools provide end-to-end visibility

The Government of Nunavut rebuild its network and 5,500 devices while rolling out security solutions—all in just weeks during an Arctic winter.

Valuable resources

Adopt real-life digital transformation strategies

Learn how governments have incorporated government technology solutions to meet the needs of the people they serve.

News and events

US Public Sector Summit

Watch conversation highlights from federal, state, and local government leaders, as well as those from education. Learn how they have responded to recent disruptions using innovative technology.

Government Industry Digital Forums

Hear from global experts as they discuss digital transformation in government and how technology is helping them achieve their missions.

Blazing new trails through collaboration

Discover how our partners help deliver and scale government services with government solutions.

Four benefits of hybrid cloud

Improve operational flexibility and accelerate government digital transformation with a mix of cloud computing and on-premises infrastructure.

Three outcomes of government collaboration

Empower people, enhance governments, and enable societies.

Free ways to reposition for the future

Discover five action-steps governments can take to achieve their social, economic, and sustainability objectives.

Mobility and digital transformation

Learn how governments can use technology to help people travel where they need to go.