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    About Microsoft

    Our Mission
    Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more

    Our Strategy
    Build best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world

    Our Ambitions
    Reinvent productivity & business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform, create more personal computing

    Facts about Microsoft

    Looking for our corporate address? Want to find out where we have subsidiaries? Find these answers as well as information about our current employment information, revenue and headcount, and more.

    Microsoft leadership

    Get more information on our senior leaders and members of our Board of Directors.

    Corporate citizenship efforts

    Microsoft focuses our resources around the world to create opportunities in the communities where we do business, fulfilling our commitment to make a positive impact on the world through innovative technologies, partnerships, giving programs and community outreach.

    Investor relations

    Get earnings, financials, annual reports and more.

    Microsoft Research

    Learn about one of the largest, most respected computer science research organizations in the world.

    Trustworthy Computing

    How Microsoft is delivering secure, private and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices.

    Worldwide sales offices

    Need to get in contact with us somewhere in the world? Look up a Microsoft worldwide sales offices here.

    Customer and partner experience

    A high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners is a core component of our business.

    Global diversity and inclusion

    Microsoft believes that diversity enriches our performance and products, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of our employees.

    Legal and Corporate Affairs

    The Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs group works on the cutting edge of business and regulatory issues around the world.

    The Technical Recognition Awards

    The Technical Recognition Awards honor those who have redefined how work is done both at Microsoft and in their industry.

    Want to work with us as we turn our passion for innovation into opportunities for discovery and growth? Start here to unlock the power of Microsoft software!

    Resources for former Microsoft employees

    The Microsoft Alumni Network and Microsoft Alumni Foundation invite all former Microsoft employees to join our community by becoming members.

    For the media

    Journalists, bloggers and other members of the media can find all the resources they need at Microsoft News Center.


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    We’re here to help, whether it’s for your home or business. Find various ways you can contact us.