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Responsible AI—learn more about our commitment to the advancement of AI driven by ethical principles.

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Empowerment begins with trust

Microsoft provides strong customer data protection. We are transparent about our practices, and we stand up for our customers’ rights.

The Microsoft Secure Future Initiative

See how we’re putting security above all else to defend our customers and community.

Our commitment to you

We’re transparent about the specific policies, operational practices, and technologies that help ensure the security, compliance, and privacy of your data across Microsoft services.

  1. You control your data.
  2. We're transparent about where data is located and how it’s used.
  3. We secure data at rest and in transit.
  4. We defend your data.
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Microsoft responds to European cloud provider feedback with new programs and principles.

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Compliance offerings

Maintain compliance in the cloud with help from a comprehensive set of more than 90 offerings.

Law enforcement data requests

View the number of requests for customer data we receive from law enforcement agencies.

US national security orders report

View statistics about demands received from the US government pursuant to national security laws.

International export controls

Get an overview of international export control laws and regulations and Microsoft Office 365.

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