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Safeguard individual privacy with cloud services from Microsoft

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Read Safeguarding individual privacy rights with the Microsoft Cloud to learn about essential General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) topics including how Microsoft 365 and cloud services from Microsoft help keep your organization compliant.

Learn about GDPR compliance best practices

Discover privacy program best practices and how Microsoft approaches regulations in Journey to GDPR Compliance. Learn how Microsoft 365 data loss prevention helps you achieve compliance.

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Accountability documentation

Access documentation helpful to your GDPR accountability, and to your understanding of the technical and organizational measures Microsoft has taken to support the GDPR. Documentation for Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), Data Subject Requests (DSRs), and data breach notification is provided to incorporate into your own accountability program in support of the GDPR.

Access GDPR documentation

Find information about the capabilities of Microsoft services you can use to address specific requirements of the GDPR.

Accountability readiness checklist

A convenient way to access information you may need to support GDPR when using Microsoft services.

More information on GDPR

Safeguard individual privacy

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Enable privacy with Microsoft 365

Data governance for compliance

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Assess your GDPR compliance

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Additional GDPR resources


Learn about our contractual commitments to our customers plus our own commitment to GDPR compliance.

Microsoft 365 Compliance Center

The Microsoft 365 compliance center provides easy access to the data and tools you need to manage to your organization's compliance needs.

Compliance Score

Perform ongoing risk assessments, get actionable insights, and simplify your compliance processes.

Data breach

Learn more about the completion of breach notifications under the GDPR using Microsoft products and services.


Learn more about data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) under the GDPR when using Microsoft products and services.


Learn more about the completion of data subject requests (DSRs) under the GDPR using Microsoft products and services.

ISO/IEC 27701

An international standard to support privacy accountability and regulatory compliance.

Discover Compliance Solutions

Learn about integrated tools that leverage intelligence to reduce risk.

Safeguard individual privacy

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