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Microsoft Trust Center

Products and services that run on trust

Our mission is to empower everyone to achieve more, and we build our products and services with security, privacy, compliance, and transparency in mind.

Microsoft Azure

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Azure Platform

Get the same data security, privacy, and compliance protections 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies use.

Azure DevOps Services

Execute projects with security and governance technologies, operational practices, and compliance policies.

Azure AI

Drive business results with AI while preserving data, privacy, transparency, and trust.

Azure OpenAI Service

Apply large language models and generative AI responsibly, with full control of your data.

Azure Machine Learning

Apply built-in governance, security, and compliance for the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle.

Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365

Control, maximize, and protect your data with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams

Work confidently with enterprise-level security and compliance in Teams.

Windows 11 Enterprise

Protect identities, devices, and information with Windows 11 Enterprise.

Windows Server

Implement security and privacy efficiently and effectively with help from Windows Server.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Reinvent productivity with Microsoft 365 Copilot and bring next-generation AI to work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Customer engagement

Deliver personalized experiences at scale without putting privacy at risk.

Connected operations

Gain the operational agility to drive continuous innovation backed by world-class security and compliance.

Customer data platform

Unify customer data and generate insights on the secure and flexible customer data platform.

Microsoft Power Platform

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Power Apps

Quickly build more secure custom apps with Power Apps applications, services, connectors, and data platform.

Power BI

Visualize and amplify data insights more securely with Power BI, a business analytics solution.

Power Automate

Create more secure automated workflows between apps and services to sync files, get notifications, and collect data.

Additional products and services

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BizTalk Server

Use messaging and business process orchestration services to create integration apps that help protect data.

CISO (chief information security officer) collaborating with practitioners in a security operations center.

Managed security services

Extend your ability to defend and manage with security services from Microsoft.

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Professional services

Get enterprise services, consulting, and support solutions while helping to protect your data.

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SQL Server Analysis Services

Explore the analytical data engine used in secured decision support and business analytics.

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