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The inside of a car with AR projections showing different features in the car.

Accelerating the future of mobility

Microsoft accelerates the transformation of automotive, mobility, and transportation companies into data and software-driven mobility services providers by improving productivity, operations, innovation, and customer experience.

Transform to smart mobility

Emerging mobility services

Develop and monetize new mobility and transport services for your customers.

Differentiated customer experience

Deliver personalized customer experiences with insights from integrated marketing, sales, services, and connected data.

Accelerated innovation

Boost safety, compliance, and mobility experiences with intelligent data and software-driven services.

Resilient operations

Improve efficiency and reduce costs across supply chains and operations with advanced analytics solutions.

Increased organizational productivity

Empower your whole business with collaboration tools and the processing power of the cloud.

Learn how these companies are digitally transforming the automotive industry

Daimler Truck

Daimler Truck North America

Daimler Truck improves supply chain and production processes to reduce downtime across their value chain.

A person building a vehicle while wearing HoloLens 2.


Toyota manufacturing group uses Dynamics 365 mixed reality to boost operational efficiency and scalability.

A person walking away from a Clever charging port.


Clever accelerates business growth and charging infrastructure with sustainable mobility for EVs.

A 3D model of a car.


Bridgestone drives the sustainability, efficiency, and flexibility of virtual tire development with Azure HPC.

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Creating the new automotive industry ecosystem

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