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Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is growing

Record, report, and reduce your environmental impact with Microsoft Sustainability Manager—a new Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solution that’s now available.

Accelerate your sustainability journey

Drive operational and cost efficiencies to help meet your sustainability goals with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

Unify data intelligence

Gain the visibility you need to improve sustainability reporting and help transform your business.

Build a sustainable IT infrastructure

Identify opportunities to replace your tools, systems, and activities with more efficient options.

Reduce the environmental impact of operations

Track and minimize the environmental footprint of your operational systems and processes.

Create sustainable value chains

Enhance accountability across your value chain, from sourcing materials through product distribution.

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    Connect your data to gain actionable insights

    Collect and centralize your data to more easily record, report, and reduce your environmental impact.

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    Streamline data collection to get more from your data

    Measure and monitor emissions with increasingly automated data collection, a common data format, and prebuilt calculation models.

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    Analyze and report your environmental impact

    Use dashboards to visualize energy consumption and emissions and make targeted investment decisions. Help stay on track with goals and report your progress.

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    Transition to more efficient IT options

    Identify opportunities to replace tools, systems, or activities with more efficient alternatives to reduce your footprint and drive business value.

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    Migrate to the cloud to drive energy efficiencies

    Use cloud solutions to cut energy consumption, energy costs, and carbon emissions to advance your sustainability performance.

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    Adopt sustainable technologies

    Choose devices that maximize sustainability of materials and minimize your carbon footprint and energy consumption.

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    Optimize operations to decrease your environmental footprint

    Tap into actionable data insights to minimize the impact of your operational systems and processes and drive change.

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    Drive efficiencies and transition to clean energy

    Use energy management systems and interactive grid solutions to help optimize energy consumption and balance supply and demand.

    Solar panels on a building with greenery

    Decrease the impact of your buildings, spaces, and equipment

    Use data-driven solutions to monitor and improve system performance while reducing carbon emissions, energy use and costs, water consumption, and waste.

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    Empower sustainability teams to collaborate

    Give stakeholders and contributors the tools to work together seamlessly around sustainability goals, emissions data, insights, and progress.

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    Improve accountability through your value chain

    Enhance transparency and accountability through your value chain—from raw materials to product creation to distribution—to reduce your footprint.

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    Get a clear view of your value chain

    Digitally connect your supply chains to strengthen collaboration, accountability, and transparency and improve reporting.

    Woman speaking to warehouse workers holding Microsoft Surface

    Improve accountability through your value chain

    Enhance transparency and accountability through your value chain—from raw materials to product creation to distribution—to reduce your footprint.

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See how organizations are driving efficiencies that are good for business and the planet

Hands kneading dough

Grupo Bimbo accelerates its sustainability journey with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

The Mexican multinational producer of baked goods and snacks is deploying Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to collect, track, and analyze strategic metrics of its sustainability strategy.

Bowls of plant-based ice cream

Ingredion makes the world a better place with powerful sustainability data

The plant-based ingredients provider works with industries ranging from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals. The company chose Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to replace manual data collection protocols at its global facilities.

Futuristic building

FLSmidth adopt’s Microsoft solutions for industry-wide sustainability transformation

FLSmidth believes Microsoft technologies can help it become the sustainability leader in the mining and cement industries by measuring, tracking, analyzing, and reporting its progress, all while delivering greater insights from its sustainability data.

Find pricing and get started

Contact your account executive or Cloud Solution Provider partner to get started with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. *

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability includes:

 ●  Sustainability reporting and analytics capabilities.
 ●  Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model.
 ●  Technical support, including unlimited 24/7 access to technical resources.

Download the Microsoft Sustainability Manager get started guide.

*See terms and conditions

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Explore Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability partners

Build for the future with experienced solution providers. See all Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability partner solutions.

Take the next steps on your sustainability journey

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Find out why sustainability is good for business

Read this executive playbook to find out how reducing carbon emissions can benefit your business as well as the environment.

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Transform with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Learn more about advancing sustainability progress and transforming your business with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and the new Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

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Explore Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Get an in-depth look at Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

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Explore Microsoft technologies that help drive the global transition to cleaner energy.

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Accelerate transformation, manage risk, and add value—while creating a more sustainable future.


Drive sustainability while reducing costs and improving safety in your manufacturing operations.


Improve energy management and reduce your environmental impact with innovative retail technologies.

Infrastructure management

Optimize the ways in which buildings, campuses, and cities consume and deliver resources.

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