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Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Record, report, and reduce your environmental impacts using the power of data and AI. New! Quickly retrieve answers from data with Microsoft Copilot (Preview).

Turn environmental data insights into action

Monitor and manage your organization’s environmental impact with unified data that helps enable actionable insights.

  • An analytics overview in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Gain continuous visibility into your sustainability activities

    Record the environmental footprint of your operation and value chain more accurately through increasingly automated data connections.

    A user managing a data source in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Improve data collection processes and break down data silos

    Use a mix of data ingestion methods to streamline data ingestion, integration, calculation, and reporting, with data standardization using the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model.

    A user editing Upstream Transportation and Distribution flowchart in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Calculate emissions more accurately

    Take advantage of pre-built calculation methods that you can tailor to meet your specific needs.

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  • Data imports in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Streamline sustainability reporting

    Analyze, visualize, and report your environmental sustainability impact and progress more accurately.

    Water quantity reporting in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Get a visual overview

    Visualize your environmental impact and sustainability progress across your value chain and business units with powerful dashboards.

    Scope 3 emissions dashboard in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Improve performance tracking

    Continuously track your performance against your sustainability goals.

    A deep analysis in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Make informed decisions

    Drive AI-powered intelligent insights (Preview) and quick answers from data using natural language queries with Microsoft Copilot (Preview).

    An emissions report in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Create and configure custom reports

    Streamline reporting and get ahead on disclosure preparation with configurable reports.

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  • Scorecards for a Carbon reduction plan in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Minimize your environmental sustainability impact and transform your business

    Set goals and take action with data-driven solutions from Microsoft and our ecosystem of partners.

    Progress for a mobile combustion emissions reduction program in Microsoft Sustainability Manager

    Develop a data-informed roadmap

    Set and track incremental and long-term targets and track progress using scorecards.

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    Improve collaboration

    Collaborate seamlessly on company-wide sustainability goals with Microsoft Teams integration.

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    Reduce carbon, water, and waste

    Apply new data intelligence to reduce the carbon, water, and waste associated with your operations and value chain.

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    Reimagine fundamentals

    Create efficiencies through systems changes and identify opportunities to create more sustainable products and services.

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Compare Microsoft Sustainability Manager plans

Designed to meet organizations’ more complex sustainability data needs, our new Premium version provides all the benefits of Microsoft Sustainability Manager Essentials plus added capabilities for value chain data management, reporting across all environmental categories, and more2.
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Microsoft Sustainability Manager Essentials

  • Carbon sustainability management capabilities, including prebuilt calculation models for Scope 1, Scope 2, and categories 1-9, 12, and 13 of Scope 3 emissions
  • Foundational water sustainability management capabilities 
  • Foundational waste sustainability management capabilities 
  • Dataverse capacity: 10 GB3
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Microsoft Sustainability Manager Premium

Everything in Microsoft Sustainability Manager Essentials, plus:

  • Carbon management capabilities for all 15 categories of Scope 3
  • Advanced water and waste sustainability management capabilities (Preview)
  • ESG value chain solution (Preview)
  • AI-powered intelligent insights (Preview)
  • Microsoft Copilot querying and report generation (Preview)
  • AI Builder capacity: 25,000 credits (~50 processed pages)
  • Dataverse capacity: 50 GB3


Coming soon:

  • Product Carbon Footprint sustainability management
  • Restatements
  • What-if analysis

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Get started with Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Learn four steps to getting started with Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

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Get an in-depth look at Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

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Discover new Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability features

Learn about new features that deliver enhanced levels of insight, data access and management, reporting, and customization to help organizations meet sustainability goals and make progress faster.

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  • [1] Visit the Legal Information page to learn more about the Microsoft Sustainability Manager and applicable regulatory compliance, data protection, and privacy terms and conditions.
  • [2] Certain features in the plan require Azure meters and other MSFT licenses (e.g. Microsoft 365, Power BI)
  • [3] License includes Dataverse entitlement: Database (10GB/month for essential and 50GB/month for premium), File (20GB/month); Log (2GB/month). Premium license also includes AI Builder entitlement (25,000 credits per month)

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