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Learn how the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability empowers manufacturers to accelerate sustainability progress and business growth.

Creating more sustainable buildings

Discover data-driven technologies for monitoring and managing carbon, water, and waste in buildings—from stores to stadiums to office complexes—to turn inefficiencies into opportunities to reduce environmental impact.

Accelerating sustainability in smart places

With the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), we can optimize the way buildings, campuses, and cities consume and deliver resources and create efficiencies that benefit organizations and the planet.

The environmental impact of today’s buildings and cities

As dense and active places, buildings and cities are significant contributors to our climate crisis.


of global carbon dioxide emissions comes from urban areas1


of total global energy-related CO2 emissions is associated with the buildings and construction sector2


of city energy budgets are allocated to street lighting3


of water consumed in buildings is wasted4

Optimize energy management and reduce carbon emissions

Use remote monitoring to help manage equipment performance and energy consumption and explore grid-interactive, efficient buildings and infrastructure.

Getting ahead of building inefficiencies with IoT

Iconics’ building management solutions deliver insights from sensor data, giving operators more visibility and control.

A city at night.

Historic city cuts energy use with smart lighting

With 100,000 luminaires under central control, Valencia lowered its energy use by 74 percent and emissions by 80 percent.

A parking solution scales its impact with Azure

Parkl helps more than 100,000 customers improve mobility efficiency with IoT-based parking, EV charging, and other services.

Drive smart water use

Remotely monitor water quality to reduce costs and meet health and safety standards. Track and control water flow to reduce consumption.

Saving water without sacrificing quality

Digital water solutions helped Marriott save 3.34 billion liters of water annually while maintaining guest satisfaction, generating significant energy savings, and reducing waste.

Better urban water management with Azure and Power BI

Organica Water helps customers build energy-efficient biological water treatment facilities and stem urban water scarcity.

Large machinery.

Reduce waste and improve waste management

Smart digital solutions can facilitate repurposing and recycling and deliver on advanced waste containment and reduction scenarios like connected waste bins and solid waste collection.

A grocery store worker opening a refrigerator

Optimizing inventory management to lower food waste

To connect manufacturers, retail stores, and consumers and drive more efficient clearing of perishables, Tracer turned to Verofax inventory analytics and process automation technology.

Explore solutions for smart buildings, campuses, and cities, provided by global partners

Get started with Azure IoT

Uncover new operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and create new revenue opportunities that help your business and the planet.

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