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Transform your business using environmental data science

Reimagine your business models using examples and lessons learned by Microsoft and our solution providers, described in our 2022 Environmental Sustainability Report.

Use data science to drive innovation

Along with creating efficiencies, to address our climate challenges, we need to remove traces of our environmental impact and replenish resources.


Support carbon removal

Explore lessons we learned from an early corporate purchase in the global carbon removal marketplace.

A farm surrounded by open fields.

Lead on progress to net zero

FLSmidth is using IoT and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to support its emissions and waste goals and become a sustainability leader in mining and cement.

Get ready for carbon transport and storage

Discover how a public-private partnership, Northern Lights, is creating opportunities for carbon capture and storage.


Invest in collective action

Working together at the intersection of science and technology, Microsoft and other organizations and customers that share our mission can drive global impact. Here are a few ways you can support environmental innovation.

Empower scientists with digital tools and resources

Explore opportunities to fuel innovation and research through grants, education, collaboration, and strategic partnerships.

Advocate for open data platforms

Encourage data sharing and collaboration to help protect the environment through projects like the Planetary Computer.

Support development of new technologies

Fund the work of teams that are scaling climate technologies and designing new solutions. See what Microsoft is doing.

Help bridge science and technology

Connect scientific teams with technology they need to reduce cost and complexity to deploy sustainable solutions.


Your sustainability journey

Assess your impact

Accelerate progress

Transform your business

Sustainability Learning Center

Browse videos, white papers, and other resources from Microsoft and industry experts on various sustainability topics.

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