Our commitment

We’ve committed to be carbon negative by 2030. This means reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than half, removing the rest, and then removing the equivalent of our historical emissions by 2050.


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Our approach

As one of the first companies to source carbon removal, we’re committed to solutions that provide maximum positive impact, transparency, and collective market intelligence with a high degree of scientific integrity.


Contributing to collective market intelligence by sharing our lessons learned and project insights with the industry.

Integrity and practicality

Supporting solutions that meet a high standard of verification while maintaining practicality for corporate procurement.

Durability and consistency

Sourcing projects that keep carbon out of the atmosphere, monitor for reversals, and provide recourse in case of failure.

Market transformation

Signaling demand for carbon removal by supporting innovative removal solutions.


Carbon dioxide removal solutions

We will continue to look for best-in-class natural and engineered solutions that meet the following prerequisites:

Net negativity

Demonstrating evidence of removing net atmospheric carbon dioxide on a lifecycle basis.

Scientific verification

Independently reviewed by our third-party scientific advisors and/or verified by standards.

Social and environmental benefits

Avoiding and minimizing environmental and social harm while supporting social equity and sustainability.


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