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Microsoft for energy and resources

Drive innovation to achieve net zero and deliver safe, reliable, equitable energy for a sustainable future.
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Power a sustainable future

Achieve more in the energy and resources industry with trusted solutions from Microsoft.

Empower your workforce

Build an inclusive culture that attracts, retains, and inspires employees to do their best work.

Operate for the future

Increase operational profitability and productivity by securely connecting and maximizing assets.

Accelerate to net zero

Reduce emissions, decarbonize the grid, and optimize renewable energy to achieve net zero.

Unlock sustainable businesses

Create sustainable business models to expand your market position and drive opportunities.

Learn how energy organizations are innovating

Discover valuable resources

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•  April 2023

Navigating NERC CIP compliance in the cloud

Balance the benefits of cloud adoption with the critical need for security and reliability of the electric grid.
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•  2023

Explore how modern technologies and strategies shape the future of power distribution

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White paper
• 2024

Drive mining industry transformation with AI solutions

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•  2023

Empower the wind industry workforce to achieve more


Start achieving more in energy

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Find your cloud solution

Explore now to find the right solution for your industry and business goals.
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Microsoft AI

Build a more sustainable future with AI

Reinvent the energy and resources industry and achieve net zero with AI-powered solutions.

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